Chapters rights and obligations

Note: this is not set in stone, just some brainstorming...


Apply for chapters-specific funding from WMFEdit

See Wikimedia chapters/WMF grants

(Apply to) Use the Wikimedia names and logos/trademarksEdit



Obey the relevant laws for your countryEdit

Relating to membership, funds, non-profit governance, accounting.

Maintain your independence from WMF and all projects governanceEdit

This is needed for legal immunity :)

Communicate with other chapters and the WMFEdit

e.g. via monthly reports, posting to internal and chapters mailing lists and wikis (especially keeping your contact information and board list up to date)

Participate in the appointment of chapters-selected WMF board membersEdit

? Handle Wikimedia-related press in your jurisdictionEdit


Participate in real-life chapters meetings and WikimaniaEdit

e.g. Chapters meeting 2009. Wikimania is not so much an obligation, but it can be very helpful...


  • A right that comes with obligations: chapters can choose to take part in the chapters-WMF fundraising agreement. Described by Sue in her November 2008 report to the Board as:

Agreements have been developed with interested chapters to highlight these chapters during the fundraiser; in return, they will invest 50% of their fundraising revenue in program activities agreed upon with the Wikimedia Foundation. The preference is for activities with an international impact, such as multi-chapter events and local infrastructure and software development support.

Check internalwiki for information on this.