Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Österreich

Quick factsEdit

  • When was the chapter created? Mai 2008
  • Number of members: 21, as of Today
  • Budget for 2009 is about 12 000 €

Success storiesEdit

  1. Coorporation with the Medical University in Vienna (MU Wien) on a project concering Articles about Healthcare and Patient Information.
  2. We are presenting our Chapter and the goals of Wikimedia at the University of Eisenstadt (Presentation about Knowledge Management)
  3. We have a presentation at the Zukunftsstiftung Tirol.


  1. It's hard to get volunteers. (Most of the work is done only by handful of people.)
  2. Keeping people motivated.

Plans for the futureEdit

  1. Cooperation with the Nationalbibliothek
  2. Wikipedia at School
  3. Cooperation with University Library of Graz.
  4. Bairisches/Steirisches Dictionary.
  5. Community Watchlist


  1. Sorting out relationship with the Foundation (domains, trademarks).
  2. Finding out what other chapters do and how.