Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimédia Magyarország

Quick factsEdit

  • When was the chapter created?
    • 27 September 2008: founding meeting
    • 3 November 2008: WMF approves us as an official chapter
    • 24 November 2008: finalised the formal registration as an association of public utility
  • What are the main changes that affected the chapter since then? (if any)
Nothing notable.
  • Number of members: 25
  • Budget
    • 2008: about 500 €
    • Planned for 2009: about 2500 € + 1500 € planned from WMF grant

Success storiesEdit

  1. the creation of the chapter :)
  2. starting up the first programs (article writing competition, picture competion, micro grants program)
  3. getting into contact with universities, scientific societies, libraries, government departments


  1. low number of active members, tasks towering on very few people
  2. the Hungarian legal situation of the projects and the chapters is often ambiguous leading to uncertainty, tensions inside the projects and slow administration
  3. domain problems (especially

Plans for the futureEdit

  • Plans for the short term (1 year)
    1. increasing the membership to 40-50 (with about 10 active members)
    2. increasing the efficiency and reputation of our projects
    3. organizing further programs to support the community and the projects
  • Plans for the medium term (3 years)
    1. several bigger partnerships to increase and better the projects
    2. publishing
    3. regular Wikipedia teaching, workshops; organizing conferences on promoting the spread of free knowledge


  1. to sign or discuss the chapters agreement, discuss the relationship between the WMF and the chapters and issues of trademark.
  2. to get familiar with the activity, the experience and the representatives of other chapters
  3. perhaps working out international programs and collaborations