Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Recission of Wikimedia Brasil recognition - May 2009

The Chapters Committee,

Taking note of its Resolution of September 2008 concerning the Approval as Wikimedia Chapter of Wikimedia Brasil and the ensuing Board of Trustees Resolution implementing said Resolution

Referring to the Requirements for future chapters which state that "The chapter must have a legal structure/corporation that is legally independent from the Wikimedia Foundation." as well as the Guidelines for future chapters, which outline in greater detail the form of the legal structure every chapter is supposed to create

Taking note that the preparation team of Wikimedia Brasil has not formed a legal entity and has stated that it does not plan to do so

Taking note that the team of Wikimedia Brasil has thus not been able to sign a Chapters Agreement

hereby recommends to the Board of Trustees

  • That the recognition as official chapter of Wikimedia Brasil is rescinded
  • That the interim permission to use Wikimedia trademarks pending signature of a Chapters Agreement be revoked.

Resolution failed Resolution failed with 3 votes in favor, not enough for a majority on May 13th, 2009