Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Resolutions/Membership March 2012 – March 2012

Following the public call for candidates the following people are hereby appointed for Chapters Committee membership with voting rights:

  • Galileo Vidoni
  • Lodewijk Gelauff
  • Maria Sefidari
  • Bengt Oberger
  • Tomasz Kozłowski

Furthermore, Delphine Ménard is hereby appointed as a non-voting adviser.

The term of the newly appointed members and adviser is scheduled to last for about two years, with a scheduled call for their replacement at the end of 2013.

In accordance with the Chapters Committee's January resolution on rules of procedure the membership and voting rights of the following members is hereby ended.

  • Nathan Carter
  • Austin Hair
  • Vladimir Medeyko

The Committee thanks them for their work and contributions in the previous years.

Explanatory note: Committee members serve renewable two year terms. Half of the Committee seats are open for selection every year. Furthermore, the Committee may appoint members and advisers based on their expertise and interest outside the regular selection periods.

The current composition of the Committe is as follows: Damian Finol, Jeromy-Yu Chan, Bence Damokos (chair), Sebastian Moleski, Ray Saintonge, with terms expiring in December 2012; the newly appointed Galileo Vidoni, Lodewijk Gelauff (reelected), Maria Sefidari, Bengt Oberger, Tomasz Kozłowski, with terms scheduled to expire at the end of 2013, serve as full voting members.. Delphine Ménard (with a term until the end of 2013), Achal Prabhala and Miloš Rančić (with terms until the end of 2012) serve as advisers to the Committee. Bishakha Datta, Arne Klempert and Samuel Klein of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees serve as liaisons and advisers at the pleasure of the Board.

Resolution passed with 5 votes in favor, 0 votes against, 0 abstentions, 0 votes not cast on 8 March 2012.