Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Approval of Wikimedia Estonia - August 2010

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Chapters Committee AdviceEdit


Wikimedia Estonia (Wikimedia Eesti) has requested to be recognized as a chapter, the Bylaws have been reviewed by the Chapters Committee, and the group of participants in the candidate chapter seems viable:

The Chapters Committee hereby advises that the Board of Trustees recognize Wikimedia Estonia upon founding, and grant it interim permission to use the Wikimedia trademarks pending the signing of a Chapters Agreement.

Proposed Board ResolutionEdit

In accordance with the recommendation of the Chapters Committee, confirming that the structure and bylaws of Wikimedia Estonia comply with the current requirements and guidelines for future chapters, it is hereby resolved that:

The Board of Trustees officially recognizes Wikimedia Estonia as a Wikimedia Chapter.

The Board of Trustees grants Wikimedia Estonia interim permission to use the Wikimedia trademarks pending signature of a Chapters Agreement.

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  Resolution passed with 8 votes in favour on 6 August 2010