Chapters Committee/Meeting summaries/Meeting Friday 24 February 2006

The meeting was convened a few minutes after 2100 UTC. Present were Nathan Carter, Austin Hair, Delphine Ménard, and Arne Klempert. On the agenda:

After extensive discussion, the meeting reached a consensus in favor of adopting the draft rules of procedure without modification. A motion to this effect was proposed by Austin Hair, seconded by Delphine Ménard, and passed with unanimous approval.

The preliminary draft outlining the Committee's scope and area of delegation was then reviewed. After a brief pause for further redaction, Delphine Ménard moved that the Committee endorse the final draft. Nathan Carter seconded the motion, which was then approved unanimously.

The Committee adjourned at roughly 2230, with the understanding that both resolutions were then to be submitted to the Board for final approval.