Chapter-selected Board seats/2010/Nominate

The chapters wish to locate truly excellent board members and believe that can best be done if there are a large number of varied and quality candidates to consider. Therefore, the chapters ask that everyone that thinks they, or someone they know, would be a good board member submit a nomination.

To submit a nomination please follow these steps:

1. Check your candidate fits the requirementsEdit

The chapters feel it is essential that any candidate:

  1. is willing and eligible to serve on the board of a US charity (the WMF is a 501(c) organisation registered in Florida)
  2. is committed to the Wikimedia mission
  3. speaks English to a standard sufficient to take part in detailed and technical written and spoken discussions
  4. has sufficient time to devote to the role
  5. will approach the role from an international point of view
  6. is willing and able to travel
  7. is willing and able to work as part of a team, both with the rest of the WMF board and with the larger Wikimedia movement.

The chapters would also prefer that any candidate:

  1. has experience of Wikimedia chapters, either from external dealings with chapters or from being active within a chapter
  2. is good at both communicating their ideas and listening to the ideas of others
  3. has experience with international affairs
  4. has experience with governance issues
  5. is able to work independently
  6. can effectively think strategically.

2. Put together a nominationEdit

The nomination must contain:

  • The name of the nominee
  • The email address of the nominee
  • The name of the nominating individual or chapter, or a statement that it is a self-nomination
  • A statement in support of the nominee from the nominator (if applicable)
  • A statement from the nominee in support of themselves, including a statement that they are willing and eligible to take up a position on the WMF board for the next two years. They should also include a short CV.

3. E-mail the nomination to the moderator by 23:59 UTC 27th MayEdit

The moderator is Thomas Dalton, a Director of Wikimedia UK, and can be contacted at thomas.dalton gmail com. You should also CC the deputy moderator, José Spierts, Chair of Wikimedia Nederland, at jose wmnederland nl for added assurance that your nomination will not be missed. You should receive confirmation that your nomination has been received within 48 hours of sending it. If you do not, please email the moderator and deputy moderator again to check.

Nomination must be received by 23:59 UTC 27th May. All candidates should be aware that they will need to be available to answer questions from the chapters between that deadline and 2nd June. These questions will be emailed to candidates and answers should be emailed to the moderator who will relay them to the chapters.

If you have any problems or questions, please email the moderator at thomas.dalton gmail com.