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2019 Community Wishlist SurveyEdit

Central Notice Settings

What is the campaign duration?
  • 31 October 2018 → 11 November 2019
Which projects will you be targeting?
  • all
What languages will you be targeting?
  • all
Do you wish to show banners to Logged In users, Anonymous Users or Both? Do you want to target users with a specific number of edits or average monthly?
  • logged in users with more than 1000 edits

What countries will your campaign target?

  • all

Banner/Campaign Diet:

  • To be determined by Central Notice admin

What is the purpose of the campaign? How will you measure the success of the campaign?Edit

Description -

Metrics - Users taking part in the wishlist survey

What banner(s) will you use? What will be your landing page?Edit

Banners - Reuse of Special:CentralNoticeBanners/edit/2017WishlistSurvey, but no 2017 in the text (no year at all)

Landing Page - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_Wishlist_Survey_2019

Is this project grant funded? Please provide a linkEdit

Type of grant -

Link to grant -


This assumes phab:T203925 is indeed fixed. If not, instead of cutting "2017 Community Wishlist Survey" to "Community Wishlist Survey" we could just skip that line. Not a good solution, but better than no banner (or an untranslatable one). /Johan (WMF) (talk) 17:31, 21 October 2018 (UTC)

You want this campain to run for over a year or is it a typo? Ciell (talk) 17:07, 22 November 2018 (UTC)
Typo! But the campaign is already running now, thanks to User:Seddon (WMF). /Johan (WMF) (talk) 17:24, 22 November 2018 (UTC)
Great! Than I'm going to change the category. :) Ciell (talk) 17:31, 22 November 2018 (UTC)

Central Notice admin commentsEdit

Admins Notified: @Base, Benoit Rochon, DerHexer, Ilario, Itzike, Mardetanha, Matiia, MarcoAurelio, NahidSultan, Romaine, Samat, Steinsplitter, Trijnstel, Shanmugamp7, and Vituzzu: