CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Help with shared

Shared CentralNotice messages

Hello CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Help with shared and thanks for helping to translate CentralNotices! However, it looks like we don't have a translation for the "interface" messages ("Hide"/"Help us with translations!"/"Show"). Would you mind taking a look at CentralNotice/Shared and translating those messages? Thanks again for your translation help! ~~


Example usage

{{subst::CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Help with shared|lang=fr|myname=Cbrown1023}}

This boilerplate is notify people who translate CentralNotices that we don't have a translation of the shared messages. All the fields are optional and you don't need to sign after the template.

If you're posting this somewhere where you don't want the automatic header, just use |header=, which will make it empty.