CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Change the status

CentralNotice statuses

Hello CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Change the status and thanks for helping to translate CentralNotices! However, it looks like you forgot to update the translation status template. If you forget to update the status, then we won't see your translation update and it won't get done. :-( Here are the statuses that you need to know:

  • needs proofreading – when the message has been translated, but it needs proofreading by speakers of the language
  • needs updating – we use this to tell the translators that the source translation was updated and now the translation needs to be updated too
  • ready – you guys use this to tell us that the translation is ready to be published
  • published – we use this to tell you that the translation has been published

If you update a translation after it was already published, please make sure to change the status back to "ready" again too.

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on my talk page. Thanks again for your translation help and sorry for the confusion! ~~


Example usage

{{subst::CentralNotice/Boilerplates/Change the status|CN=Wikimania 2010/CentralNotice|lang=fr|myname=Cbrown1023}}

This boilerplate is used for people who translate CentralNotices but forget to change the status. All the fields are optional and you don't need to sign after the template.

If you're posting this somewhere where you don't want the automatic header, just use |header=, which will make it empty.