Celtic Knot Conference Accra 2022

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Background edit

The Celtic Knot Conference Accra local meetup 2022 aims to bring Wikimedians in Greater Accra together to learn, edit and share their experiences of working on minority and minoritized languages on Wikimedia technical projects. Our aim is to help them learn how to direct the flow of information across languages to eradicate/reduce language barriers and create visibility for local knowledge online.

This event will help new and existing Wikimedians in Accra, Ghana to meet, learn, translate and edit Mediawiki and technical projects on Translatewiki to Ga, Hausa, Mfatse, Ewe and also contribute to the development of the Ghana Pidgin English on Wikimedia Incubator.

For the event schedule kindly click on this link

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Action Points edit

  • Create awareness on Social media.
  • Teach participants how to access and create a Mediawiki and Translatewiki account (which permission will be given instantly from an administrator in other for new contributors to translate system messages on Translatewiki and MediaWiki).
  • Introduction to System messages on Wikimedia Projects.
  • Introduction to translation on translatewiki and Mediawiki.
  • Practical hands-on and edithaton on how to translate system messages from English to other local languages (Ga, Hausa, Ewe, Ghana Pidgin English).
  • Discussions about the specific challenges of a language community and recommendations on how to resolve such challenges.

How to participate edit

  Sign in or Create a New Account on mediawki.

  Sign up in the Sign up section on this page.

  Attend the physical events on the 4th and 11th of March 2023

  Time: 10:30 UTC to 13:30 UTC.

Venue edit

  • Day 1 Venue: Accra Digital Center
  • Day 2 Venue: Accra Digital Center

Participants edit

To participate you need to sign up on the participants section and join the conference at the venue indicated. If there are any questions kindly feel free to message me on my talk page. Joris Darlington Quarshie (talk) To add your name, edit the sign up section and type '#~~~' below without quotes

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