Celtic Knot Conference 2022 Lagos

Background edit

The Celtic Knot Conference 2022 Lagos aims to bring Wikimedians in Lagos State together to learn, edit and share their experiences of working on minority and minoritized languages on the Wikimedia projects.

Action Points edit

  • Teach participants how to access and contribute to Wikipedia and Wikidata account.
  • Introduction to Wikimedia project tools.
  • Editathon in a Igbo and Yoruba language or on a specific topic
  • Follow-up of the conference, discussions, skills exchange during the workshop

Organizer edit

  1. Major Lyte

How to participate edit

  Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikipedia.

  Enroll on the Outreach Dashboard to track your contributions Celtic Knot Conference 2022 Lagos.

  Sign up in the participants section on this page.

  Attend the physical events on the 27th and 28th of January 2023.

Venue edit

theBunker, Alagomeji, Lagos State

Participants edit

To participate you need to sign up on the participants section and join the event dashboard to track your contributions. To add your name, edit this section and type '#~~~' below without quotes.