Celtic Knot Conference 2019/Submissions/Introduction to Wikidata

What is Wikidata, the free knowledge base and sister project of Wikipedia? How can Wikidata support minority languages inside and outside the Wikimedia projects? What is lexicographical data and how can you contribute to collect structured data about your language?

Wikidata introduction at Celtic Knot Conference 2019, Cornwall
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Introduction to Wikidata
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Léa Lacroix
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user:Lea Lacroix (WMDE)
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Wikimedia Germany
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This presentation will be accessible to anyone who doesn't know Wikidata yet, and will have a focus on languages and lexicographical data.

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The participants will have an overview of how Wikidata is organized, what are its goals, and will hopefully be curious about more information and how to edit Wikidata.
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  • Language Data
  • WikiCulture & Community

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