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Building a Wiki Nation
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Jason Evans
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National Library of Wales
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The National Library of Wales is working with in partnership with Wikimedia UK to embed Wikimedia activities and an open access ethos into all aspects of Welsh life, from the education system, to culture, tourism, government, and even commerce. The National Library has built Wikimedia collaboration into its long term strategy and employed a permanent National Wikimedian.

The Welsh people have a long and proud history, unique customs and traditions and above all, a language - one of the oldest in Europe - and the Library is there to collect, preserve and promote this rich heritage. The National Library believes that Wikipedia can play an important role in teaching, growing and preserving this language. The Welsh Wicipedia is a vehicle for bridging the sizable knowledge gap in the Welsh language.

This presentation will highlight some of the groundbreaking work happening right now in Wales, from teaching Wikipedia editing in schools to government funded projects to improve access to Welsh language health information, literature and music via Wikipedia.

The rise of Wikidata and it’s value as a platform for cultural and minority language data will be discussed. For example, learn how the National Library of Wales is using the platform to help understand it’s collections, to share to sum of all Welsh literature and to enrich its own services with Wikidata powered features.

The aim is to seed new communities, develop open access partnerships, and influence policy at a national level in order to embed the idea that Wiki belongs to the people of Wales and secure the future of Welsh as a digital language.

What will attendees take away from this session?
Attendees will learn how Wiki activities in small languages can also align with policies and strategies of local government and institutions, and see examples of ways that this can be leveraged to increase resources for Wikipedia. The talk will also demonstrate how Wikidata can be used to produce and share data in your language, and the advantages of this. Participants will also learn of some of the benefits of running projects and programs which include the education sector.
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  • GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums)

But also...

  • Language Data
  • Education
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