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An introduction to Wikisource
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Jon Harald Søby (WMNO), VIGNERON
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jhsoby(_AT_)wikimedia.no, vigneron.nicolas(_AT_)gmail.com
Jon Harald Søby (WMNO), VIGNERON
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Norway, France
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Wikimedia Norge, Wikisource Community User Group, Wikimédia France
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Started in 2003, Wikisource is one of the oldest sister projects of Wikipedia. Recently it has experienced somewhat of a resurgence, with more focus and more activities going on – especially in Indic languages. The purpose of Wikisource is to digitize free (as in public domain or free-license) works, and there are several specialized tools available at Wikisource that are not present in Wikipedias. The most ubiquitous is ProofreadPage, which is a MediaWiki extension which allows for transcription and proofreading of scanned works.
Wikisource projects are, like Wikipedia, split into language subdomains. However, there is one "general-purpose" edition called the Multilingual Wikisource, which is where works in languages with small communities are collected – in this way it functions like the Wikimedia Incubator for new editions of other sister projects. This session aims to give an introduction to how Wikisource works, with a special focus on the Multilingual Wikisource.
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Attendees will learn what Wikisource is and how they can contribute, both on a personal level and on an institutional level.
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  • WikiCulture & Community

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