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Advocacy Work in Wikimedia - Minority languages

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Anass Sedrati

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Anass Sedrati

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Wikimedia Morocco User Group, Wikimedia Advocacy Working Group

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The Wikimedia 2030 vision for strategy in an ongoing work that will be shape the guidelines and main recommandations to be followed in order to reach the 2030 goals. In this regard, Advocacy Working Group (one the 9 strategy working groups) is seeking to inform about the importance of this shaping operation for the minority languages. This period is in fact where voices advocating different suggestions can be heard and their feedback noted and implemented. In this presentation, I will inform about the general strategy work as well as the Advocacy work that happened so far, before explaining why engaging in this effort is crucial for the future of minority languages. We can also discuss about the different ways free knowledge can be advocated, depending on the context and the policies.

What will attendees take away from this session?

The attendees will first learn about the strategy process and the Advocacy work happening in this regard. Second, they will have the opportunity to provide their feedback (either in the event, or later by contacting us) so that we make sure that minority languages are well advocated and present in the Advocacy recommendations that will be presented in Wikimania.

Presentation slides for the "Advocacy Work 2030" in Celtic Knot Conference 2019
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  • WikiCulture & Community
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