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  • (#titleparts:Sandboxes|1|-1) = Sandboxes, pagelang = "en" -- uses #titlepart: then check if it matches the PAGENAME.
  • (#invoke:Template translation|getLanguageSubpage) = "" -- previously used mw.title.getCurrentTitle().subpageText (does not work always, it is an empty string here), now uses mw.title.getCurrentTitle().fullText, then split on '/' to get the last titlepart.
  • (#invoke:Template translation|getFrameLanguageSubpage) = "" -- frame:getParent():getTitle(), then split on '/' to get the last titlepart
  • (PAGENAME) = "Sandboxes", (BASEPAGENAME) = "Sandboxes", (SUBPAGENAME) = "Sandboxes" -- this is a root page, not a subpage -- an old inconsistancy of MediaWiki where SUBPAGENAME should be empty in a root page and never equal to PAGENAME, when subpages are not enabled in a namespace.
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