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What's Jimbo doing?


  • Jimbo and another wiki editor trapped in an edit lock.
  • Where is the edit link? It should be here somewhere...
  • We have to find the edit button so we can edit a way out of here!
  • Of course, sometimes drastic measures were taken to keep Jimbo out of the really important decisions, like where to go for lunch.
  • Even pre-internet civilasations had dead-end articles.
  • "Hmmm...I don't looks notable enough to me."
  • "We've been blocked?"
  • "...and so we decided that allowing double-redirects wouldn't be such a good idea after all."
  • "So this is where those red links go to...."
  • "Preposterous! Impossible! This place didn't show up on Google, and yet still exists!"
  • "So this is what it's like to be blocked eh?"

Lookout, Jimbo!


  • Jimbo moderating an edit war on John Kerry
  • Jimbo is kept under 24-hour guard for his own protection.
  • Jimbo thinks the Arbitration Committee will like their Christmas present, but wonders how to wrap it.
  • Jimbo, in a rare exercise of administrative powers, decides to protect a page.
  • Jimbo is being ganged up by vandals.
  • Fire!
  • Jimbo's rivals prepare to strike.
  • User finally makes good on threat to harm Jimbo for protecting THE WRONG PAGE!
  • Jimbo prepares to restore order to the en:Wailing Wall.
  • Jimbo moderating an edit war on whether en:Star Trek: The Animated Series is, in fact, canon.
  • Unfortunately, Jimbo did not hear the Vandalbot sneaking up behind him, and the sum of his being was reduced to an article titled Jimbo Wales that was about an English redneck thongviper portable barstool.
  • "Now where'd all the cannonballs go???"

Jimbo discovers wikistress. CaptionJimbo3.jpg

  • "can anyone help me? i don't know windows..."
  • Jimbo, having just woken from a bad dream in which every page of Wikipedia had it's history erased and replaced by pages and pages of vandalism/gibberish. That or he dreamed someone hit the server with a hammer (which probably happens every few minutes, judging by the constant downtime)
  • "Dude, I'm, like, the Einstein of the internet!"
  • "How do I shot web?"
  • How's work, Jimbo? "I just got PKed...They took all my gold!"

And as the secretary entered the office unannounced, it was discovered that the server crashes were a direct result of illigitimate use of company computers to access web sites of "ill repute".

  • Ahhhhhhhh someone hacked my account :O .... "
  • "Wikipedia... gone... NOOOOO!!!!"

Jimbo vs. the Microphone...

Interview jimbo.jpg

  • "Maybe if I just keep staring, his head will explode..."
  • "Are you gonna quote me on this?"
  • "If that's an electric shaver, you're getting hurt."
  • "How do I tell him that I'm just not interested?"
  • "I wonder if wind blows that high up"
  • "Umm ok... well... um..."

Jimbo takes a look into the past

Wikipedia Academy Forschungsbibliothek 2006 (94).jpg

  • "And then Jimbo muttered to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL!!"
  • Jimbo unveils the inner workings of Wikipedia's Servers.
  • The edit histories of the first few articles under Jimbo's scrutiny.
  • Where is that pesky 404 when you need to find it.
  • And this is where we house the Wiki Editors, after converting them to book format using the "Tom Riddle" method.
  • "Hm, this is public domain, no? Where's the scanner?..."
  • "Now where are the arbitration cases on this it? ..."
  • "I'm sure they won't mind if I copy-paste..."
  • "Another one requesting a Random Page… which volume seems to be less read ?"