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COVID 19: Health and Gender Articles

This page lists different articles that could be especially fitting for messages from UNFPA. That means that the messages are either easy to insert into the articles, or that the articles are often read by people who are interested in how COVID-19 affects women's health.

Short version: what to do?
  1. Choose an article that interests you.
  2. Identify a key message that fits in this article.
  3. Add the message to the article, or create the article in your language with that message, if the article doesn't exist yet.
  4. Make sure to add #covidgap in the edit summary.

List of article proposals

Relevant articles can generally be categorized into three main categories:

The messages works well in all three of them, but might need to be changed to work well in the different contexts.

WMF also produced a more limited version of the research method provided at this page on meta, that examines what topics readers are likely to examine in the same reading sessions. Below is a list of a selection of topics from the top 1000 articles most likely to be connected with gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (Q89666473) based on reader sessions, that could have greater coverage or connection to the gendered-perspective. Topics not included here were super specific or related to broader pandemic response, and were not obliviously connected to this campaign's actions.

International topics

By country topics