CIS-A2K/Indic Languages/Pilots

It is essential to design, implement, learn from, adapt and scale up pilots - which can then serve as the basis for cross-planting ideas / programs across other languages.

Pilot Design Edit

Based on the determinants of success identified earlier, designing pilots the deliver high-impact, are (eventually) self-sustaining and include capability building for the community. Some of the early idea for pilots are:

  • Offline projects
  • Education Program
  • Indic Language specific and Indian state specific Wiki projects
  • Photo events
  • Tapping NRIs
  • State Encyclopedia

Pilot Resources Edit

What kind of resources (manpower & collateral such as online resources, printed brochures, promotional material, etc.) will be required.

Pilot Progress Edit

  • Tracking mechanism for the progress of the pilots

Transferring Pilot Learnings Edit

How will pilot learnings be collated and transferred to others within that pilot, within other pilots and beyond (within both the pilot languages and others.)

Calendar Edit

  • Schedule for the pilot