CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2013-05-13

[2013-05-13 20:34:19] <Abhinav> Good evening every one...

[2013-05-13 20:34:30] <Abhinav> Shall we start now??

[2013-05-13 20:35:59] <Vishnu_A2K> @All. Thank you for joining us.

[2013-05-13 20:36:21] <Theo10011> Abhinav - who are you? and start what?

[2013-05-13 20:36:45] <subha> Hi All

[2013-05-13 20:36:59] <Vishnu_A2K> @All-Welcome!

[2013-05-13 20:37:25] <Vishnu_A2K> Thank you for joining-in to share your feedback on the A2K Work Plans.

[2013-05-13 20:38:09] <Vishnu_A2K> Is this Agenda good?

[2013-05-13 20:39:11] <Vishnu_A2K> 5 mins - Arrive at topics that you would like to discuss around the A2K Work Plans

[2013-05-13 20:39:44] <Vishnu_A2K> next 50 mins - we can take up each topic and discuss

[2013-05-13 20:39:53] <Vishnu_A2K> @All - Is this good?

[2013-05-13 20:40:09] <Vishnu_A2K> @All - would like to suggest a different structure?

[2013-05-13 20:41:04] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav - Any specific topics you would like to discuss?

[2013-05-13 20:41:27] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna - Please suggest if you have any topics in mind

[2013-05-13 20:41:48] <arjunaraoc> hi Vishnu_A2K

[2013-05-13 20:41:52] <Vishnu_A2K> @Barras - Please suggest

[2013-05-13 20:42:16] <Vishnu_A2K> @Theo10011 - Please suggest if you have any specific topic to discuss

[2013-05-13 20:42:19] <Theo10011> Why are you pinging everyone individually?

[2013-05-13 20:42:21] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna - Hi.

[2013-05-13 20:42:25] <Theo10011> Barras and I are here because we're ops

[2013-05-13 20:42:35] <arjunaraoc> I have given my feedback on the meta. Some of it was addressed. Would like to get response on others.

[2013-05-13 20:42:43] <Vishnu_A2K> @Theo10011 - Ok.

[2013-05-13 20:43:00] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna-Sure.

[2013-05-13 20:43:51] <Abhinav> concept of Wikipedia Student Partners:- Wiki Student Partners are students from colleges who will help students in solving their queries and keeping follow ups of “How to edit on Wikipedia?”

[2013-05-13 20:44:32] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna-'Approach for Village/Block/District project' on Odia Work Plan

[2013-05-13 20:44:47] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna-time frame for the Pilot

[2013-05-13 20:44:57] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna-Anything else?

[2013-05-13 20:45:25] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: yes

[2013-05-13 20:45:58] <Abhinav> can we start this wiki student partner concept?? in this pilot project??

[2013-05-13 20:46:13] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav-Ok. I think this has been addressed specifically in each of the language work plans, but we will come to this at the end and take any specific questions/queries you may have. OK?

[2013-05-13 20:46:21] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: you can also summarise outcome of discussions of these on language wikis

[2013-05-13 20:46:46] <Abhinav> ok

[2013-05-13 20:47:20] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: We will be doing on Meta in detail by May 15th. Is it ok?

[2013-05-13 20:47:53] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Also put it on Language wiki VPs

[2013-05-13 20:48:01] <Nitika> @Arjuna - we'll summarise all the feedback from the community on meta by the 15th

[2013-05-13 20:49:21] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: We have 3 points so far. Anything else to be added.

[2013-05-13 20:49:27] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: if you share any update as of now, irc could be useful to trigger some more discussion

[2013-05-13 20:50:07] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: OK. Sure +1

[2013-05-13 20:52:34] <subha1> Shall we start discussing the first point for today's agenda?: "Approach for Village/Block/District project' on Odia Work Plan"

[2013-05-13 20:53:17] <sipun> yes

[2013-05-13 20:53:37] <arjunaraoc> sure

[2013-05-13 20:55:08] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Arjuna based on the experience from Telugu Wikipedia questioned how effective the Village/Block/District project' on Odia Wiki will be.

[2013-05-13 20:55:41] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Arjuna's main concern was about creating stub class articles.

[2013-05-13 20:56:56] <subha1> Arjuna and Ansuman, to address your questions on Meta about the Odia village project, the plan states that we'd involve more wikipedians to create start class articles and not bot-generated stub articles.

[2013-05-13 20:58:22] <Vishnu_A2K> Also unlike the Telugu Wikipeida Village project (done in 2007) now we have many of the data openly available which can be used to create good articles on Villages/blocks/districts.

[2013-05-13 20:59:00] <arjunaraoc> subha1: My suggestion is to go for a top down approach. focus on districts for few months. review the progress, assess whether the next level will be worthwhile.

[2013-05-13 20:59:32] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: +1

[2013-05-13 20:59:52] <arjunaraoc> Thx Vishnu_A2K

[2013-05-13 21:00:03] <arjunaraoc> what does subha1 think?

[2013-05-13 21:00:27] <subha1> arjunaraoc: Yes, the list of districts and articles on the districts are created

[2013-05-13 21:01:41] <Vishnu_A2K> @Subha1: Do we know that these district articles are exhaustive?

[2013-05-13 21:02:11] <arjunaraoc> subha1: I do not know Odia. so can't understand their present quality. I wanted to share the learning from Telugu.

[2013-05-13 21:02:46] <subha1> arjunaraoc: and Vishnu_A2K, yes they are start class articles

[2013-05-13 21:02:56] <subha1> and now the community actively wants to take it to the further level and create articles about the villages by involving more wikipedians, this was what the communities from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar expressed during our interaction

[2013-05-13 21:03:18] <arjunaraoc> As you go to village level, the number of interested contributors as well as number of readers will be less and less. It will be tough to generate useful articles at village level, till the community becomes large

[2013-05-13 21:04:07] <arjunaraoc> you may like to experiment block level first and then village or address one district from top to bottom as pilot.

[2013-05-13 21:04:27] <subha1> Yes this is a concern, however the Odia community strongly sees about doing this project

[2013-05-13 21:04:57] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: +1

[2013-05-13 21:05:04] <subha1> +1 arjunaraoc, that would another useful way of approach, will surely discuss that with the community

[2013-05-13 21:05:16] <arjunaraoc> ok.

[2013-05-13 21:06:04] <Vishnu_A2K> @Subha: Is it possible to have Arjuna part of the discussions with the Odia community on this particular project and leverage on Telugu Wiki Community's experience?

[2013-05-13 21:06:25] <subha1> Definitely, that's a very good idea

[2013-05-13 21:07:17] <subha1> Will explore an opportunity with the community for this useful interaction

[2013-05-13 21:08:10] <Nitika> How about focussing on 3-4 districts to begin with. And cover as Arjuna says blocks, and villages?

[2013-05-13 21:08:19] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Shall we move to point 2.

[2013-05-13 21:08:45] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Ok we can discuss this one last suggestion from Nitika and move to point 2.

[2013-05-13 21:09:07] <subha1> I second Nitika: , @Vishnu_A2K sure

[2013-05-13 21:09:08] <arjunaraoc> subha1: Thanks for suggestion. It is not feasible for me to devote more time. I thought of sharing my experience so that a2k plans can be more effective.

[2013-05-13 21:10:43] <subha1> arjunaraoc: We'll take these feedback and interact with the community and discuss

[2013-05-13 21:11:00] <arjunaraoc> thanks subha1

[2013-05-13 21:11:01] <Nitika> @All: Should we move to point no. 2?

[2013-05-13 21:11:16] <Abhinav> ok

[2013-05-13 21:12:00] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Point No. 2 is about 'Time frame for the proposed Pilot project'

[2013-05-13 21:13:32] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Arjuna has said " It is better to do couple of pilots for 3-6 months time frame to assess the potential."

[2013-05-13 21:14:06] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: I see two aspects to the suggestion.

[2013-05-13 21:14:26] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: 1) is about the proposed pilot on Performing Arts in India.

[2013-05-13 21:14:44] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: 2) Doing more pilots than one.

[2013-05-13 21:15:13] <Vishnu_A2K> Re. doing more pilots than one.... A2K is working on developing more pilots.

[2013-05-13 21:15:33] <Vishnu_A2K> It is too early to commit to these on paper...

[2013-05-13 21:15:55] <Theo10011> Good god, reading this is like watching paint dry.

[2013-05-13 21:16:10] <Theo10011> I'm not sure why the constant use of @all is required

[2013-05-13 21:16:19] <Vishnu_A2K> But sharing some ideas under development anyway...

[2013-05-13 21:16:21] <Theo10011> the wide participation of 2 only has arjuna asking stuff

[2013-05-13 21:16:39] <Theo10011> this can be easily taken to a private email or a one on one chat

[2013-05-13 21:16:51] <Vishnu_A2K> A2K is developing a science project pilot with IISc

[2013-05-13 21:16:56] <Nitika> Also since the person coming onboard to handle pilots will be new to the team it might be better for him/her to handle only one project to begin with.

[2013-05-13 21:17:25] <Vishnu_A2K> Also there are discussions with TISS to do something focusing on Development Studies and Social Work.

[2013-05-13 21:18:00] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: We will be more certain of these by mid June, by when we are expecting to sign some MoAs

[2013-05-13 21:18:43] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: I am referring to couple of pilots about the same topic for a shorter time.

[2013-05-13 21:19:00] <Vishnu_A2K> @Theo: It is my style. Sorry if it is bothering you.

[2013-05-13 21:19:12] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Could you pls. elaborate?

[2013-05-13 21:19:13] <arjunaraoc> If you plan to address other topics that is great.

[2013-05-13 21:20:31] <arjunaraoc> Theo10011: The response to A2K plan discussion has not been good so far on meta. So they have announced IRC, where the status seems to be similar. anyway we will be done in another 15–20 minutes. thx for your patience

[2013-05-13 21:21:14] <Theo10011> Great that you are there to rescue.

[2013-05-13 21:21:18] <Theo10011> Speaking of which

[2013-05-13 21:21:31] <Theo10011> CIS doesnt have anything to do with Wikimedia

[2013-05-13 21:21:41] <Theo10011> as far as I know this is a different organization on a grant

[2013-05-13 21:22:05] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: If you see the design of the Pilot it will be executed in multiple languages on the same topic.

[2013-05-13 21:22:06] <Theo10011> Using all the same channels of communications as if this was like hisham

[2013-05-13 21:22:17] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: You have listed ten to twenty organisations for colloboration. I mean do pilots with couple of organisations for a short period

[2013-05-13 21:22:25] <Theo10011> isn't the same

[2013-05-13 21:22:28] <Theo10011> anyway

[2013-05-13 21:22:31] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Ok.

[2013-05-13 21:23:10] <Theo10011> I should stop reading before I remove all of you and moderate the channel because its getting on my nerves.

[2013-05-13 21:23:33] <subha1> I second arjunaraoc for the ideas about the pilots

[2013-05-13 21:23:46] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: We were thinking of bringing all these together so that at a time a single article will be done in multiple languages.

[2013-05-13 21:24:17] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: But we will definitely discuss this internally and try to think of the feasibility.

[2013-05-13 21:24:21] <sipun> Vishnu: IISc and TISS will help for english language wiki or for any India language wikipedias ?

[2013-05-13 21:24:43] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipus: English + Indian Languages.

[2013-05-13 21:24:54] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipus: with IISc it will be English and Kannada

[2013-05-13 21:25:05] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipun: ooops!

[2013-05-13 21:25:09] <sipun> How ?

[2013-05-13 21:25:14] <Vishnu_A2K> got buttery fingers.

[2013-05-13 21:25:42] <sipun> :D

[2013-05-13 21:25:44] <arjunaraoc> Theo10011: What ever A2K does will impact Indian language wikipedias just like the previous wmf india programs initiative. May be they can discuss your feedback and plan the next session differently.

[2013-05-13 21:26:34] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipun: The faculty at IISc also write in Kannada and have linkages with UG level faculty which will be brought on board.

[2013-05-13 21:26:58] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipun: Similarly with TISS it will be English+Marathi+Telugu+Assamese (possibily)

[2013-05-13 21:27:19] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: what about the budget for these different initiatives. I did not find any info other than staff salaries.

[2013-05-13 21:27:23] <sipun> Subha: can we discuss same with UU for same kind of plans like IISc.

[2013-05-13 21:27:30] <Vishnu_A2K> @Sipun: As they have campuses in Maha, AP n Assam and their students and faculty are bi-lingual

[2013-05-13 21:27:50] <sipun> yes

[2013-05-13 21:28:17] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: We have shared a revised budget.

[2013-05-13 21:28:59] <subha1> sipun: we're exploring the opportunities, but so far, we don't have a strong point of contact and facilities. We'd consider this and start to discuss more with UU

[2013-05-13 21:29:00] <sipun> this is a good way for scientific articles in Indian lang wikis

[2013-05-13 21:29:13] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: In that the Programme component will be used for this purpose. Also it will be massively less expensive as we are trying to get the institutions bear infra and other costs.

[2013-05-13 21:29:17] <sipun> k

[2013-05-13 21:30:12] <Vishnu_A2K> Shall we extend the chat by some more minutes to take Abhinav's point please and then we can leave?

[2013-05-13 21:30:47] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: how much is the program component? Can you point to any breakup of the same?

[2013-05-13 21:31:07] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: it is clearly mentioned in the proposed revised budget.

[2013-05-13 21:31:09] <arjunaraoc> if not right away, may be offline.

[2013-05-13 21:31:35] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Will share the revised budget document link through e-mail.

[2013-05-13 21:31:44] <arjunaraoc> let me check again then.

[2013-05-13 21:31:55] <Vishnu_A2K> Point 3:

[2013-05-13 21:32:24] <Nitika> @Abhinav: Could you please elaborate on the Wiki Student Partners please?

[2013-05-13 21:32:48] <Nitika> Is it something similar to Miscrosoft Student Partners that you're refering to?

[2013-05-13 21:33:04] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav: Do you mean students in colleges and univs?

[2013-05-13 21:33:14] <Abhinav> Wiki Student Partners are students from different colleges who will help students in solving their queries and keeping follow ups of “How to edit on Wikipedia?”

[2013-05-13 21:33:17] <Abhinav> yup

[2013-05-13 21:34:40] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav: If you see our plan, we have listed various Higher education institutional partnerships

[2013-05-13 21:34:42] <Nitika> @Abhinav - I think it's a brillaint idea. Student Partners can share the Wikipedia editing skills with others, giving presentations and initiate projects.

[2013-05-13 21:34:59] <Nitika> We can definitely take this up as a pilot.

[2013-05-13 21:35:13] <Abhinav> @Nikita:- +1

[2013-05-13 21:35:16] <Nitika> But are you thinking to do this at the school/UG/PG level?

[2013-05-13 21:35:25] <arjunaraoc> Vishnu_A2K: I found program cost breakup. Thx.

[2013-05-13 21:35:46] <Abhinav> UG and PG

[2013-05-13 21:35:47] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Ok. Great!

[2013-05-13 21:36:15] <Vishnu_A2K> @Arjuna: Please feel free to share the feedback later.

[2013-05-13 21:36:44] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav: But there will be an active local Wikimedia community that will be there to support.

[2013-05-13 21:36:46] <Nitika> @Abhinav: I think so too. We can check the feasibility of running this with one our insti partners

[2013-05-13 21:37:15] <Vishnu_A2K> @Abhinav: How do you think Student Partners are different from say any Wiki Community Member?

[2013-05-13 21:37:41] <Abhinav> I'll share detailed document within 2–3 days...

[2013-05-13 21:38:21] <Vishnu_A2K> Great! We will look forward.

[2013-05-13 21:38:38] <Nitika> @Vishnu - I think Abhinav is refering to create a Wiki community within an educational institue similar to to a wiki community in a city.

[2013-05-13 21:38:59] <Nitika> And ofcourse the two are not separate from one another.

[2013-05-13 21:39:18] <Vishnu_A2K> @Nitika ok @Abhinav +1

[2013-05-13 21:39:51] <Nitika> @Abhinav - i look forward to reading your plan around this. :)

[2013-05-13 21:40:06] <Nitika> maybe we could work together.

[2013-05-13 21:40:16] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Thank you for your time and engagement.

[2013-05-13 21:40:38] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: We will definitely try and incorporate your feedback.

[2013-05-13 21:40:40] <Abhinav> yeah...sure... :)

[2013-05-13 21:40:46] <Nitika> :)

[2013-05-13 21:41:04] <Abhinav> @All:- Thank you

[2013-05-13 21:41:50] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: Please feel free to share any feedback and afterthoughts over e-mail and on Meta.

[2013-05-13 21:41:51] <Nitika> Thanks everyone! Enjoy the rest of your evening/night.

[2013-05-13 21:41:59] <subha1> Thanks everyone! Good night :)

[2013-05-13 21:42:18] <arjunaraoc> Thanks all. Good night

[2013-05-13 21:42:28] <Vishnu_A2K> @All: We will collect all the feedback by May 20 and revise the plans.

[2013-05-13 21:42:32] <Vishnu_A2K> Good Night.

[2013-05-13 21:42:38] <Vishnu_A2K> Thank you :)

[2013-05-13 21:47:30] <Vishnu_A2K> @Theo10011: Please do share your feedback on this session and suggest how we can organize this differently. Thanks.