CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2012-06-22

IRC on: Social media

[20:00] Hisham hi folks
[20:01] Hisham good evening and thank you for coming to this india program irc
[20:01] Hisham starting the logs now
[20:01] Hisham this one is about social media - and the pilot aht we are running in english and odia - to begin with.
[20:01] ManXiii Good Evening, Everyone!
[20:01] freakofmimsy hi hisham
[20:02] Noopur28 And, we've just begun on Assamese too.
[20:02] Noopur28 Hey naveen!
[20:02] naveenpf hi
[20:02] Hisham we'll talk through this for 45 minutes and then have 15 minutes for anything else related to india program
[20:02] tuxnani hi everyone
[20:02] Saroj Hi Team !
[20:03] Noopur28 Just for your reference, here's the link to the program design of the Social Media pilot:
[20:03] Hisham hi saroj
[20:03] Hisham hi naveen
[20:03] oO Clickable link:
[20:03] naveenpf hi
[20:03] Noopur28 thanks tanvir!
[20:03] oO
[20:04] srikanthlogic oO: aren't links supposed to be clickable
[20:04] gyan hello nupur
[20:04] Noopur28 hey gyan!
[20:04] gyan good evening everyone
[20:04] Noopur28 hey guys, just to summarize what we've been doing on social media for the past one month, here's a brief update:
[20:05] Noopur28 we've created Facebook groups to help people with Wikipedia editing
[20:05] Surya Good evening guys.
[20:05] Noopur28 we've created one for English Wikipedia.
[20:06] Noopur28 and we've been created one for Odia Wikipedia:
[20:06] Noopur28 In the past month, since we started, the English group, we have over 460 members in it
[20:07] Noopur28 Out of those, 40 users have created usernames on Wikipedia and 30 have edited so far
[20:07] sPrakash This is Surya Prakash of Tamil wikipedia.
[20:07] Hisham_ hi surya
[20:07] sPrakash Hisham_: Hi hishsam
[20:07] Saroj to add in the list we have a page for Nepali wiki here :
[20:07] Noopur28 To help them learn how to contribute to Wikipedia, we usually choose fun articles on sports, culture and topics that are relevant to all users
[20:07] Hisham_ that's great to see, Saroj!
[20:08] sPrakash for Tamil Wiki we've a page,
[20:08] Noopur28 Hey Saroj! That's good to know, maybe we should try something on nepali too!
[20:08] Hisham_ that;s wonderful, Surya.
[20:08] sPrakash we're seeing more people active in fb group & asking doubts rather than in Wiki help page
[20:08] Saroj Thanks Hisham !
[20:09] Hisham_ hi gorvachove
[20:09] Noopur28 Hey Surya, nice to see you hereThanks for posting the link. You could give us some insights too if you've been trying to make people edit
[20:09] sPrakash because, they (in my view) need instant answers
[20:09] Gorvachove_ Hi all
[20:09] Saroj Noopur , let's do it then ..
[20:09] ManXiii Hey Hi...Gorva Bhai...chini paarucha!!?
[20:09] Hisham_ Hi gitartha!
[20:10] Noopur28 @sprakash I totally agree with you. We have almost 6-7 Jaya engineering students who have been active on our group too
[20:10] Noopur28 Hey gitartha
[20:10] subha Hi All, On the Odia Wikipedia group ( there are 634 users, 6 experienced wikipedians are guiding as mentors and 13 of new wikipedians have started editing.
[20:10] sPrakash We've a Open group in fb for Tamil Wikipedians, where they speak about various issues like "technical term translations", "their new article review requests"
[20:10] Hisham_ this is so awesoem - we have English, Nepali, Tamil, Assamese, Odia in today's IRC! Good to see so many community members
[20:10] gyan thanks @hisam
[20:10] sPrakash Our facebook group is
[20:10] Gorvachove_ @ManXii: Han Manu Bhai
[20:11] sPrakash yannf: welcome yanna
[20:11] yannf hello all
[20:11] sPrakash yannf: welcome.
[20:11] Noopur28 @saroj glad to know you are in! I'll write to you and maybe we can discuss it in detail?
[20:11] gitartha oh thanks all
[20:11] Saroj sure
[20:11] Noopur28 Since you just had a successful meetup, we can use that momentum to start discussions
[20:11] naveenpf hi gitartha
[20:11] Noopur28 and train people in nepali editing
[20:11] Hisham_ that's wonderful, surya. does that mean you have 2 separate facebook groups?
[20:11] sPrakash Now, we have about 97 members in that fb group
[20:12] Hisham_ sPrakash: do you have differnet roles?
[20:12] gitartha hello naveen
[20:12] Hisham_ one idea SPrakash: if you want to get more members in the groups, a great place to start is to post about your group in other groups on facebook where there are folks interested in Tamil. Kannada used this really sucessfully and now have more than 2000 folks.
[20:13] sPrakash Hisham_: Yep. But, no different roles. People gathered in the mentioned group. So, I actively post there. But, in another group only experienced editors were there. only about 24
[20:13] Hisham_ Understood. that's fair enough.
[20:13] gyan we are findin that people are more interested to share thier question in fb groups rather than witki pages
[20:13] srikanthlogic Hisham_: its just an open group, we don't have "roles"
[20:13] naveenpf looks i have to update social media in india after this IRC here..
[20:13] Saroj @Noopur .. yes we are going to kee the fire brning we have couple of outreach folloing next one is this Sunday
[20:13] Noopur28 @Gyan do you think it is easier for new editors to find help on your Fb group?
[20:13] Odisha1 gyan:yes
[20:14] Hisham_ srikanthlogic: wasn't referring to the roles of people; was referring to the roles of the group.
[20:14] sPrakash Hisham_: +1 srikanthlogic
[20:14] Noopur28 @saroj good to knowmaybe we can invite some journalists also to the Fb group and keep them updated on our events
[20:14] srikanthlogic Hisham_: no roles for group either
[20:15] srikanthlogic Hisham_: we have had bad history of social media in past. Like we got 3 twitter accounts, none of which is active
[20:15] Noopur28 Moving forward, here's a guideline that we developed after observing social network groups:
[20:15] gyan @noopur yes they are getting more help as they can instantly get the answer as well as interactively like chat
[20:15] srikanthlogic has been active for a year now, all though it just routes feed
[20:15] gyan hello Manoranjan bhai and Gorvahcove bhai
[20:16] gitartha i'll watching the discussions. will update you folks if needed
[20:16] Noopur28 What I saw as the biggest difference was the nature of the language used on Wikis as against Facebook
[20:16] Gorvachove_ Hi Gyana
[20:16] Noopur28 @gitartha you have been trying to get some editors for new wikiproject
[20:16] Noopur28 is that working out for Districts of Assam?
[20:16] Noopur28 how has response been so far?
[20:16] gyan noopur nature of language means what ? can u brief?
[20:17] gitartha we got 4 editors working but the articles are not finished yet
[20:17] Shijualex srikanthlogic: twitter story for all indic langugages is almost the same. may be because of the limit in the number of characters
[20:17] gitartha 4 new editors
[20:17] Noopur28 @gyan As you can see on the Meta page, the language is much more informal
[20:17] sPrakash_ back.
[20:17] Noopur28 We also try and avoid using jargon, policy names and technical details
[20:18] sPrakash_ Have a look at this template:
[20:18] srikanthlogic Shijualex: oh! that's a different thing, but I think given the tamil twitter base, we can engage better, without the restriction..
[20:18] ManXiii @Hisam @All ...Hey Hi...myself MaNNO and I'm from Odia fact we did the same, we promoted our fb group as well as the fb page in some other groups related to ODia Lang, Culture, Current Affairs etc...but guys! make sure, not to share it as an impression of share ur page and group in a way, so that people will show their Enthusiasm to contribute...also take care of groups/pages in which you are try
[20:18] Noopur28 This doesn't mean that we don't explain the basic policies of Wikipedia but we try and explain why they are necessary in simpler words
[20:18] sPrakash_ which includes all social networking links
[20:18] hisham hey logic, one thing that we are learning from the other groups (odia and english so far, but there's no reason to expect otherwise in other groups) is that (some) brand new editors find it a little bit more comfortable asking questions on fb rather than on wiki - to begin with.
[20:18] sPrakash_ I had an idea that adding this kind of links to {{Welcome}} templates
[20:18] sPrakash_ to new users & annon
[20:19] gitartha noopur: I've started some tutorials in fb group
[20:19] sPrakash_ gitartha: what type of tutorials?
[20:19] hisham hi MaNNO. good to hear from you. you are absolutely right - and the odia group is working wonderfully well. in fact, the number of active community members from odia who are mentoring the new editors on odia is awesome.
[20:20] srikanthlogic hisham: seeing the same in tamil as well, but they key is making them ask at wiki sooner than later.. first 2-3 questions are okay.. also the edit activity will anyway yield conversations by itself.. particularly on smaller wikis
[20:20] Noopur28 @gitartha you are right
[20:20] gyan yes and one thing we are getting some people who can really write as, if they have interest they will write else they dont
[20:20] Noopur28 It would be useful to upload some pdfs and photographs
[20:20] Noopur28 now Fb groups allow us to upload files
[20:20] hisham good point sPrakash, because one issue is always how do you hand hold a newbie until the reach a decent number of edits and template like you suggest would be very useful on this
[20:20] Noopur28 Guys, just a small note for all Fb groups!
[20:20] gitartha prakash:what to write and what not, writing style etc
[20:20] Noopur28 We started this thing called the 'User doc'
[20:20] Gorvachove_ @subha: I think you've made some presentations as Noour is doing. Why dont we share them in our FB group ?
[20:21] ManXiii for example...there is a premier portal of Odisha, named as eOdissa...which is having more than 20000 members...and we got more than 50% members from this page it's a premier portal...and some of our current Moderators are the founder of this web protal...which deals with Odia food, culture, dance, festival, tourism, history and all..
[20:21] hisham srikanthlogic: absolutely. the edit activity is essential. it's easy to track (relatively) on smaller wikis also
[20:21] Noopur28 and we encourage people to add their usernames there by themselves. Note: We don't add people's usernames without their permission
[20:21] sPrakash_ gitartha: how effective it is?
[20:21] Noopur28 This helps them feel like they are a part of a group
[20:22] gyan I'll say we(odia wiki) have improved a lot by these activities in fb groups
[20:22] sPrakash_ gitartha: actually in our group, we're now just discussing about articles, suggestions that's it. We haven't started about "how to & what to" things.
[20:22] Noopur28 It is helpful so that users realize what being part of Wikipedia community means
[20:22] srikanthlogic hisham: am interested about talking "wiki-hounding on editors coming through facebook group" problem you mentioned about. do post some links if you them
[20:22] gitartha praksah: people said they could understand the facts now
[20:22] sPrakash_ gitartha: that's why asking you
[20:22] Noopur28 the community affiliation feeling starts with a username
[20:22] subha @Gorvachove, sure, will share that, it is here ->
[20:22] Noopur28 Hey deba!
[20:22] debanjan hello...sorry am late...
[20:22] gyan we have also promoted to add their username in the group as a note
[20:22] freakofmimsy Noopur28, you mentioned that you have had over 30+ editors on enwp edit over 5 times over the past month on an email you sent to the India list. How many of those have contributors has the encyclopedia retained beyond their initial edits?
[20:22] debanjan what did I miss??
[20:22] sPrakash_ gitartha: So, after understanding the facts, you're inviting them to edit wp
[20:22] sPrakash_ gitartha: correct?
[20:22] Noopur28 Here's our Fb mentor
[20:22] ManXiii FB group has also helped to write in Odia as well..which, I personally think, could have been a lil hard if we follow Wikipedia instructions to read & write from us...FB and some other social networking has helped us a lot to gather contributors as well as promoto Odia Wiki...
[20:22] hisham yo debanjan.
[20:23] Noopur28 maybe debanjan can tell us a bit about how he does the posting and editing on Fb groups
[20:23] sPrakash_ Noopur28: debanjan is mentor?
[20:23] gitartha prakash: yes. we are encouraging them to clean up articles they created
[20:23] sPrakash_ gitartha: Okay.
[20:23] debanjan eh....gosh, I feel so famous...yes...I try to help in whatever I can...
[20:23] Noopur28 @freakofmimsy these were their first edits and in the second month we are encouraging them to make more edits
[20:24] Noopur28 @sprakash yes, debanjan has volunteered to help
[20:24] debanjan ok so its a five step procedure...which Noopur must have told you about already...
[20:24] freakofmimsy noopur28, how many of them have returned to edit in the second month?
[20:24] debanjan I personally one, who has...
[20:25] sPrakash_ debanjan: could you please tell us one more time?
[20:25] srikanthlogic Noopur28: am interested talking about "wiki-hounding on editors coming through facebook group" problem hisham mentioned to me. do post some links if you got them. also deals with privacy when dealing wikipedia support on facebook
[20:25] debanjan and constantly pings me on fb more more and more info...
[20:25] hisham freakofmimsy: this is the 2nd month…
[20:26] debanjan ok, so the basic step is...first we mentors find articles, basically stubs or starts or c class articles where there may be room for improvement...
[20:26] freakofmimsy ah, thanks, hisham. would be nice if the usernames of these folks be documented on a project page so we can independently see what they have been up to.
[20:26] hisham srikanthlogic: let's leave the wikihounding thing outside of this for now, if you don't mind.
[20:26] debanjan we mention this article in the group in as fun way as possible...
[20:26] ManXiii I would like to request other people, lets not mess up messages here in this Chat...lets just wait and focus on a single topic which is trending currently...
[20:26] srikanthlogic hisham: its very much related to the topic though.
[20:26] hisham freakofmimsy: "see what they have been up to"??? that's a bit of extreme.
[20:26] freakofmimsy what is extreme, hisham?
[20:27] gyan hey guys can we get some more ideas to make more interactive for the people to come and edit ?
[20:27] Noopur28 Hey Gyan! I had an idea on this
[20:27] debanjan ok, so we do keep a document...don't worry...
[20:27] freakofmimsy I am interested in knowing the retention rate.
[20:27] Noopur28 What I observed is that a lot of us Wikipedians were posting direct messages, informing people
[20:27] ManXiii All wiki people are here to answer all our lets just ask one by one...
[20:27] Noopur28 but there was no 'call to action'
[20:27] Noopur28 there was no question or a small direct task to do
[20:27] Noopur28 when we post articles to edit
[20:28] debanjan I don't have the calculations for you, but its definetly better than any outreach I've done other than IEP...
[20:28] hisham i agree, ManXii. let's take gyan's question first. Noopur is answering.
[20:28] Noopur28 so instead, we should break the article into smaller tasks
[20:28] srikanthlogic Noopur28: how do you choose people to tag on posts ?
[20:28] Noopur28 and tell them how to go about making changes as multipled edits
[20:28] freakofmimsy srikanthlogic, were you inferring to privacy issues when users migrate from fb to wp?
[20:29] Noopur28 @srikanthlogic we try and first contact the guys who edited with us last time.
[20:29] debanjan ok so I'm a bit confused with too many topics floating around...can someone tell me, which one we are taking up??
[20:29] Noopur28 Also, we've had one on one conversations with many of them
[20:29] srikanthlogic freakofmimsy: so I was told few editors were wikihounded because they were editing through the facebook page
[20:29] Noopur28 so, if we know someone's interested in music
[20:29] Noopur28 we tag them
[20:29] srikanthlogic freakofmimsy: I am not sure if they were otherwise stalked / hounded on facebook
[20:30] Noopur28 @debanjan you raised an important point about editing in 5 tasks. I think it shows people that editing is simple and not time consuming
[20:30] debanjan irrespective of tagging, what we do is float an article and tell people how it can be improved, like you do in an outreach...then people tend to comment on that and we ask who all is interested in editing...
[20:31] gitartha if I tag 10 people, only 2-3 responds
[20:31] srikanthlogic Noopur28: so knowing interest of folks' helps here. how does one manage to get this beyond a number
[20:31] debanjan and whoever is, we guide them step by step...
[20:31] hisham a key thing that the odia Facebook page also taught us is to have fun articles. handia - a local liquor attracted quite a bit of attention.
[20:31] freakofmimsy srikanthlogic, so yes, privacy is a potential issue when any program attempts to recruit users through facebook - since they are expected to discuss their last edits publicly from their facebook profiles.
[20:32] srikanthlogic and next question is, have people 'unsubscribed' because they felt unnecessarily tagged. Do you tag people more than once if they have not responded previous times?
[20:32] gyan @noopur but is there any way we can show them directly there how to edit ?
[20:32] Noopur28 @srikanthlogic So far, we've tried to deliberately keep the number low
[20:33] Noopur28 going forward however, if there are many users, we hope that some experienced editors can help people out, based on common interests
[20:33] Noopur28 so that all conversations dont have to be on the group
[20:33] hisham gyan: if there are ways that we can add basic editing tutorial material on the fb page, that would be great.
[20:33] Noopur28 but they can actually happen on talk pages
[20:33] gyan yes
[20:33] subha @gyan, we can either make a facebook doc like this or give this link ->
[20:34] subha you yourself have translated this doc today
[20:34] gyan ohh yes @subha
[20:34] gyan
[20:34] debanjan @gyan, there is, we practically tell them step by step how to edit, like in a phone conversation or being in front of them and showing them...
[20:34] hisham just fyi for folks who have joined in after we started, we have an India Program IRC running with folks from Odia, Tamil, Assamese and Nepali. ..not sure if I can yet call one of the folks here a Bangla editor as well…. we are discussing the social media pilot
[20:35] Noopur28 Also, I think this point went a bit unnoticed ==> We try to duplicate the editing posts on several Wiki groups that were created for photo walks, outreach, or Wiki clubs
[20:35] srikanthlogic Noopur28: and next question is, have people 'unsubscribed' because they felt unnecessarily tagged. Do you tag people more than once if they have not responded previous times?. Okay people might not have 'unsubscribed' because they are probably in you network, but you get the drift..
[20:35] hisham thank you gyan for this!
[20:35] Noopur28 A lot of people join these groups hoping to ask questions or stay informed, but if we stop conversing on them, they go dead
[20:35] ManXiii Affirmative fact to make Wiki interactive...we are currently encouraging some male editors to take part in articles such as Whiskey, Beer, Non-veg Foods etc...then after they get into and put their efforts in...we will try divert them to regular doing so, they treat wiki as an interesting media to write articles about...where you will get full freedom to write anything authentic about what they l
[20:35] Oo is from Bangla, Hisham.
[20:35] Noopur28 @srikanthlogic we haven't had an instance of that kind till now
[20:36] hisham aha! welcome to Bangla as well!
[20:36] Noopur28 It is also because the frequency of our messaging is not high
[20:36] Noopur28 It's 1 or maximum 2 notifications in a day
[20:36] hisham i am just ragging shiju that we have more indic participants on the social media IRC than we had on the Indic languages one...
[20:36] gitartha
[20:37] Tonmoy hi hisham, i m from bangla wiki
[20:37] hisham hey Tonmoy! welcome!
[20:37] debanjan in fact, I've tried to try and attract people regionwise also...say if a particular landmark or amusement park or regional food is not well covered in Wiki, I try to get people of that region...that seems to peek their interest...
[20:37] Noopur28 hey tonmoy
[20:37] gyan yes and people whom we tag we should communicate with them a litle asking wheather they are interested or not
[20:37] Tonmoy hi
[20:37] yuvipanda /nick yuvipanda|afk
[20:37] yuvipanda err
[20:37] yuvipanda sorry
[20:37] hisham hey yuvi
[20:37] yuvipanda|afk hey hisham
[20:38] Noopur28 In case you think someone might be interested but is hesitating to ask questions then you could tag them once and welcome them to the group
[20:38] debanjan afk: Away from Keyboard??
[20:38] Noopur28 A lot of people often feel that some important internal Wiki community discussion might be happening and so they don't try to intervene
[20:39] Noopur28 As mentioned in the guide, the focus of these groups is to be 'outward looking'
[20:39] gyan but onething we have to remain active and watch the regular activities of new people
[20:39] debanjan facebook seems to be very popular in India and the best thing about it is, people also invite their own friends to the group as well...
[20:39] gitartha noopur: we're welcoming people on by one as u sugggested
[20:39] debanjan so its like a geometric progression...
[20:39] Noopur28 we genuinely want to reach out to people who feel for languages, culture, music or any subject and utilize their interest and potential for our movement
[20:39] hisham gyan: that is a very good point and is something that i know odia is doing particularly well! all of us must learn from you folks.
[20:39] srikanthlogic Noopur28: do you also plan to improve readership through facebook/twitter?
[20:39] Shijualex for indic wikians here is a link
[20:40] srikanthlogic oh, and if any Indic wants a socialshare gadget, feel free to ping me.
[20:40] gyan thank you very much @hisam
[20:40] hisham srikanthlogic: let me take that one. the primary driver for readership expansion in an indian context is our mobile strategy.
[20:40] debanjan we also spread the word about indic wikis maybe in the future, we can teach them in indic also...
[20:41] hisham with 400-700 m mobile subscribers (compared to 50-100 million computer net access), this seems to be best place we should be looking at.
[20:41] srikanthlogic ~60 people tweet about tamil wikipedia articles every month
[20:41] Noopur28 @debanjan well said, if people are tying in Indic languages in Fb, means we have already surpassed the typing barrier
[20:42] gyan another question for all can twitter also be used like fb?
[20:42] Noopur28 @srikanthlogic I am a little skeptical about tweets. The best use to put twitter to is publicize events
[20:42] hisham i'll wait for noopur to answer, but i'd suggest that we focus the social media efforts for now only on fb
[20:42] srikanthlogic we also got some numbers on facebook spikes on stats
[20:43] srikanthlogic like
[20:43] Noopur28 If there is a hackathon or meet up or editing session happening, it is useful to tweet it out and some might spread the word
[20:43] debanjan A little off topic, while researching with ISI, I found out that research says that if you increase the usage and opportunity of languages other that english for mutli lang speakers, speakers do increase using in their mother languae...
[20:43] Noopur28 but, I doubt that will lead to a significant rise in readership or editors
[20:43] hisham gyan: the temptation will alway be there to do more stuff but i'd advice that we establish the fb channel for now and then look at other vehicles? you folks know how much time it has already taken.
[20:44] debanjan so more places to edit in indic languages, more your indic language will spread...
[20:44] ManXiii The truth is, we can get more contributors on fb ...wheras we can promote Wiki well on Twitter....but to get more and more people, fb is an effective media to collaborate...
[20:44] hisham ok, we can continue discuss social media but want to throw it open to any other questions folks might have on anything else related to india programs.
[20:44] Noopur28 Just because we are discussing alternatives, the Malayalam community has been using Google + very effectively
[20:44] hisham and keep this constructive conversation going! it's wonderful to see.
[20:44] gyan ohh great
[20:45] Noopur28 @gyan google + is great but it may not get you that kind of a wide audience
[20:45] srikanthlogic Noopur28: themed tweets timed properly do get viewership, @dykindia got 150 views at max, 40 views average after a critical mass of followers
[20:45] Noopur28 but we won't know without trying
[20:45] debanjan any specific questions anyone would like to ask as I might have to leave soon...??
[20:46] Noopur28 @debanjan one last question
[20:46] Netha There was an online WikiAcademy conducted by User : Rajeshodayanchal on google+ which attracted many new users to ml.wikipedia
[20:46] Noopur28 are there more things you would like to do as a mentor?
[20:46] hisham hey netha. had not noticed you were on! welcome.
[20:46] debanjan yes, physical meetups with these editors in fb would be awesome...
[20:46] srikanthlogic and facebook posts do get high spikes too 1050 from average of 400
[20:46] Noopur28 more ideas on diversifying the group and giving personal attention to new editors are always welcome
[20:47] hisham netha; do you know if you rajesh used video or not?
[20:47] Nitika_ @debanjan i see your new internet conenction is really stable. what are the specifications? what service provider is it?
[20:47] gyan thank you debanjan but can we put any target kind of thing
[20:47] Noopur28 Another lesson that we learned after the Google plus hangout
[20:47] debanjan One thing I've learned from IEP is that when we know that you are part of an exclusive group and doing good to the world, there is no greater feeling...than actually meeting the wonderful people associated with that...
[20:47] Noopur28 given the internet speeds that most of us have
[20:47] Netha AFAIK, Rajesh did not use the google hangout facility
[20:47] debanjan @nitika: 12MBPS...
[20:47] Noopur28 posting video links or having video calls is not very effective
[20:48] Noopur28 especially for a group
[20:48] gyan I agree
[20:48] Noopur28 so, a text based medium keeps interactions constant
[20:48] hisham debanjan: the scary thing about what you wrote is i am not sure if you are dripping sarcasm or hand-on-heart swearing the truth
[20:48] srikanthlogic debanjan: Wikpedia is not exclusive group no ?
[20:48] Nitika_ @debanjan could you also tell me weather and humidity level differences between pune and kolkata?
[20:48] freakofmimsy hisham, I know the feeling, hisham.
[20:49] hisham hugs, freakofmimsy
[20:49] srikanthlogic shiju has left ?
[20:49] debanjan @srikanth: it is...its an open exclusive group...anyone can edit but not anyone is everyone...
[20:49] hisham ha ha ha debanjan.
[20:49] debanjan @nitika: in heaven currently...:D
[20:49] Tonmoy i am not sure about the effectiveness of fb in attracting more editors/readers. Wikimedia Bangladesh has more than 2000 fan following, we always get good response in fb in any event we organize, but didn't see any significant result yet
[20:49] srikanthlogic any assamese folks here ?
[20:50] debanjan to man in hindi...not here...
[20:50] Arjun We do have significant results
[20:50] hisham Tonmoy: thanks for bringing us back on topic!
[20:50] Noopur28 @tonmoy when nurunnaby visited our office last week we had some discussions
[20:50] Tonmoy i know
[20:50] Tonmoy he informed our board about the meeting before
[20:50] freakofmimsy tonmoy, I've noticed that the folks who usually do most of the edits avoid physical meetups, and the ones who turn up for the physical meetups usually avoid the editing.
[20:50] Noopur28 @tonmoy they told me that there was a need for more focused discussions, like choosing fun articles, or tagging people
[20:51] Noopur28 have you guys been trying to start conversations that way?
[20:51] srikanthlogic hisham: Can you ask shiju to follow up with assamese wikipedians and answer the query on redirects ?
[20:51] debanjan @tonmoy...that's because generally when we make groups on fb, wikipedia editing is not the main focus, its more of spreading the word...
[20:51] Arjun we have a very enthusiastic community on fb, holding editing sessions on various articles, u jus need to choose the right articles, something Noopur's very good at
[20:51] Tonmoy we can use different ways
[20:51] gyan odia wikiali kan soi padile na kan ?
[20:51] hisham the key thing is to have a focused attempt at trying to get new editors to a) be interested in editing and b) suggest a fun topic and c) encourage 1 or 2 to do 5 basic tasks: create user name, correct a simple spelling error, add a reference, add some content and leave a talk page message.
[20:51] debanjan what we are doing is categorically getting people to edit and making sure they have fun while doing so....
[20:51] srikanthlogic hisham: last 15 minutes, so carrying over from last IRC
[20:51] Noopur28 @arjun thank you. I am humbledBut, we need to replicate the same success on Cummins group too. We have some enthusiastic editors there
[20:52] Tonmoy i have some very interesting observations
[20:52] hisham srikanthlogic: the assamese wikipedians will answer whatever question they want to answer whenever they want o
[20:52] hisham "to"
[20:52] Arjun I could do that yes, ill start today if it be,
[20:52] freakofmimsy githartha left the room a couple of minutes ago
[20:52] Arjun i asked Barkha what is the lag about
[20:52] Noopur28 @arjun yes, that group has a potential of getting us some women editors
[20:52] srikanthlogic hisham: okay, let me bump up on the mailing list to get their attention
[20:52] Tonmoy initially we thought typing Bangla may be a problem in attracting new editors
[20:52] Arjun seems ppl forgot how to edit and are too shy to ask
[20:52] freakofmimsy hisham, I think what srikanthlogic means is that the increase in the number of redirects over the past couple of months is a result of intervention, rather than organic community activity.
[20:52] Noopur28 Guys, just another point, I remembered, we've been able to interact with so many girl editors thru these initiatives!
[20:53] Tonmoy however, we have huge number of bangla bloggers in Bangladesh
[20:53] Noopur28 Personally, it is heartening to see that
[20:53] Tonmoy who spend many hours on reading or writing blogs
[20:53] Arjun People all over India are saying just that Noopur
[20:53] hisham Arjun: control…
[20:53] Arjun Girl editors take Wikipedia bystorm
[20:53] Noopur28 @arjunMore power to wikichix!
[20:53] Arjun its good
[20:54] Arjun dude, hisham im boiling over Mer-C and Theo now, u dont want to mess
[20:54] gyan yes we got some active women in wiki who are editing
[20:54] yuvipanda debanjan: heya! may I PM you (something unrelated)?
[20:54] Noopur28 A hindi Wikipedian had suggested that we should create a similar group for Hindi
[20:54] debanjan @tonmoy: I'm really interested in this bengali blogs...need to talk to you more about this...
[20:54] debanjan sure...
[20:54] Tonmoy go ahead
[20:54] Noopur28 So, we did create a group for Hindi Wikipedia support as well.
[20:55] freakofmimsy hisham, srikanthlogic, So are we not going to get the answer for the Assamese WP questions asked earlier and now?
[20:55] Oo Debanjan, what kind of blogs/forums you want to know?
[20:55] Noopur28
[20:55] debanjan eh...again, I'm illeterate in do I get your email??
[20:55] srikanthlogic freakofmimsy: lets not talk about them when they are not there
[20:55] Noopur28 If there are any Hindi Wikipedians in the room , please do join the group
[20:55] Tonmoy I see an important issue related to culture
[20:55] debanjan I've been trying to promote Bengali Wiki in both West Bengal and anywhere I can...
[20:55] ManXiii ....Sad part is..they are not Girls..95% of them are Married...but within last few months...they are Super Rocking in Odia Wiki....some of them have contributed photographs, references a lot..which are kinda unavailble these days !
[20:56] debanjan and I feel these blooging sites are key to spread the word...
[20:56] srikanthlogic Shijualex: you may want to read the log
[20:56] Arjun Do we have a hindi wiki group?
[20:56] freakofmimsy srikanthlogic, sadly githartha was on the chat, but he left.
[20:56] Noopur28 @manxiii some of them have made important edits to food articles
[20:56] Noopur28 @arjun we just started one:
[20:56] Noopur28 if u have hindi wikipedian friends, do invite them
[20:56] Oo Debanjan, there are some potential blogs/forum sites, you can try to work on.
[20:56] srikanthlogic Shijualex:
[20:56] srikanthlogic - srikanthlogic, 08:51:09 IST -
[20:56] srikanthlogic hisham: Can you ask shiju to follow up with assamese wikipedians and answer the query on redirects ?
[20:56] Tonmoy @debanjan: we spent several years promoting Bangla wikipedia on blog sites
[20:56] hisham ManXiiI:
[20:57] Tonmoy but never got any significant result
[20:57] hisham srikanthlogic: i already replied to that.
[20:57] srikanthlogic hisham: that was for Shijualex
[20:57] Noopur28 Debanjan, tonmoy, there was an important point on OSNs
[20:57] Gorvachove_ @Manno @Gyan: \m/ for Odia wiki's Naree Shakti
[20:57] debanjan hmmm....that's not the positive news I was hoping for...
[20:57] Noopur28 esp for bangladeshi wikipedians, the OSN groups are really active and we must reach out to those and invite them to a Bangla Fb group or something
[20:57] Tonmoy bloggers get credit for what thwy write and they are used to that
[20:57] gyan yes gorva bai
[20:57] debanjan eh..@Noopur...OSN??
[20:58] Tonmoy but on wiki, they dont get any credit
[20:58] Noopur28 Open source network
[20:58] Noopur28 many colleges have LUGs too
[20:58] debanjan seta thik...
[20:58] srikanthlogic Tonmoy: there is a link at bottom of page
[20:58] hisham ok, folks, couple of minutes more. please don't forget the chapter IRC starting in 2 min on Wiki Loves Monuments
[20:58] srikanthlogic which lists contributors
[20:58] hisham Naveen will KILL me if we have folks hanging out here instead of there...
[20:58] Tonmoy ?
[20:58] debanjan god...what is wrong with you people...non tech person here....what are LUGs??
[20:58] srikanthlogic Tonmoy: thought its not very visible on desktop theme, its very visible on mobilefrontend
[20:58] yuvipanda debanjan: please check PM
[20:59] ManXiii Odia Naari Sakti...Rocks @ Odia Wiki ...these days...and they really need some boost up from Wiki officials as some encouraging emails, or posts mentioning them etc...
[20:59] Noopur28 @debanjan Linux user groups
[20:59] Tonmoy i don't see any link
[20:59] Netha LUG = Linux Users' Group
[20:59] gyan heref is a link of odia wiki whereone active woman contributed her own photos abot ornaments we can see :-
[20:59] freakofmimsy hisham, can you talk about India Education Program briefly before this session is closed?
[20:59] Noopur28 Yeah, people we really need some help on Wiki Loves Monuments! Naveen, Effeietsanders and I have been trying to get it started
[20:59] effeietsanders wakes up
[20:59] Noopur28
[21:00] Noopur28 @effeietsanders this might be your moment, Wiki Loves Monuments - India IRC is starting soon on another channel
[21:00] hisham closing logs now. please do join the Chapter IRC. can someone share the link pls.
[21:00] effeietsanders so the meeting will be on #wikimedia-in correct?
[21:00] effeietsanders just click the link
[21:00] Noopur28 yes,
[21:00] naveenpf yes
[21:00] Nitika_
[21:00] hisham yup. good night folks. thanks for a wonderful IRC. speak soon.
[21:00] Noopur28 thank you, see you all on other channel!
[21:00] debanjan adios...
[21:01] Noopur28 A BIG thank you to all of you for turning up
[21:01] ManXiii Subha Ratri...Madhur Swapna ...Wik'ple
[21:01] debanjan have a good night people...
[21:01] Noopur28 Let's do this Facebook group pattern on all the groups soon
[21:01] gyan thank you everyone for your help.. its 9 o'clock you can carry on other discussions as well.. special thank to @hisam, @noopur, @subha bhai
[21:01] Noopur28 see you all!
[21:01] subha thanks alot all of you! Good night
[21:01] Gorvachove_ Good night
[21:01] Saroj see you ..!
[21:02] Tonmoy good night to all
[21:02] Tonmoy from Bangladesh
[21:02] ManXiii Wiki Baba ki...Jai
[21:02] ManXiii Good Night!