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Wikisource workshop:Odia 2018

A workshop on Advance Odia Wikisource Workshop will be conducted on 20-21October 2018/27-28 October 2018/10-11 November 2018 at Bhubaneswar (or slightly around). Wikimedians from Odia states of (who are currently staying in) Odia can participate in the workshop. User:Jayantanth will be the primary trainer of the workshop.

Please fill the form if you are interested.

Event detailsEdit

  • Date: 20-21October 2018/27-28 October 2018/10-11 November 2018
  • Place: Bhubaneswar (or slightly around)
  • Venue: TBD



Although this is not the final schedule, we expect these topics to be discussed.

  • Copyright Introduction about the Odia Books.
  • Introduction of Odia Wikisource.
  • Odia Wikisource Stats explanation.
  • Proofreading/validation techniques tools.
  • Most uses Wikisource Tools.
  • Implements the tools to Odia Wikisource.
  • Google OCR with python script.
  • Workshop for run the script from Linux and Windows machine.
  • topic may be added based on needs-assessment of the participants

Who can join?Edit

  • Wikimedian who is currently residing in Odia State.
  • actively involved and recently active on Odia Wikisource projects.
  • at least 300+ edits in Odia Wikisource 1 September 2018
  • Note: Partial participation (eg, can not attend fully, but attend most/some of the workshop) is not allowed


  • Is it a residential training?
  • No.
  • Are you going to support my travel and accommodation during the workshop?
  • No.
  • Can I bring my friend/brother(...) in the workshop?
  • Kindly no, not during the workshop
  • Why can't I attend the workshop, if I am not from the mentioned Odia states?
  • Apologies, this is a zonal workshop. If you want to have a similar workshop in your zone, please let us know. You may email jayanta