CIS-A2K/Events/Partnership meetings in Goa

The visit for Goa partnerships was conducted from 11-13 October 2021. A short summary is given below -

  • 11 Oct - Visits to some Goa liberation struggle monuments in South Goa, meeting with trustee of Bharatkar Hegde Desai Trust, Adv. G. K. Hegde Desai at Quepem, meetings with journalists in Madgaon, Meeting with Prof. Vinay Madgaonkar of Marathi department, who is leading the Project - Goa Liberation documentation on Wiki and coordinator for Bhakti Dnyan Marg Sadhan Sanstha, Shivoli active in socio-cultural heritage documentation project
  • 12 Oct - Meeting with librarian and HoD of library science, Dr. Carlos & Prof. Mhamal on proposed Goa books project in collaboration with University and other libraries in Goa', Visit to Goa Central library and meetings with key persons in rare books section, digitisation section and database department.
  • 13 Oct - Meeting with Executive Council member Prof. Seshadri Chari on Comprehensive Wiki program with Goa University

Major issues discussed in the meetings -

  • Wiki documentation project on Goa liberation struggle
  • Relicensing of books in Marathi, Konkani and English
  • Digitisation centre for scanning of books, manuscripts, heritage documents etc.
  • Continuation of content enrichment projects with Goa University
  • Involvement of Goa User group wherever possible

The follow-up plans are being prepared with respective persons to take the activities ahead. There are a couple of re-licensing and digitisation proposals too, which will be taken up soon. The COVID situation in Goa has improved, the offline classes in University have started from 1 October 2021.

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