CIS-A2K/Events/Online Meeting with Punjabi Wikimedians - 30 October 2020

Online meetings are helpful for the community health especially in the time of COVID-19 pandemic where offline meetups are not possible. CIS-A2K conducted an online meeting of Punjabi Wikimedians on 30 October 2020. 13 participants joined this meeting.

Details edit

Participants edit

  1. User:Benipal hardarshan
  2. User:Stalinjeet Brar
  3. User:Manavpreet Kaur
  4. User:Charan Gill
  5. User:Simranjeet Sidhu
  6. User:Nitesh Gill
  7. User:Mulkh Singh
  8. User:Gill jassu
  9. User:Jagseer S Sidhu
  10. User:Manpreet Singh
  11. User:Dugal harpreet
  12. User:Amandeep Sandhu
  13. User:Satpal (CIS-A2K)

Agenda edit

  1. Update of ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ ਲੇਖ ਮਿਆਰੀਕਰਨ ਮੁਹਿੰਮ
  2. Discussion about Wikipedia Asian Month 2020
  3. Update of Satpal's work as a community advocate
  4. Notification regarding Wikimedia Strategy - by Manavpreet Kaur
  5. Call for the discussion regarding other sister projects of Punjabi Wikipedia

Discussion edit

The discussion was started with comments on Punjabi Wikipedia Miarikrn Muhim. Satpal & Nitesh shared the update of this campaign. After that, participants discussed the Wikipedia Asian Month, which is happening in November 2020. The next thing was an update by Satpal as a community advocate. He shared that scanning work is going on and he is focusing on relicensing work. The work of Gurbhajan Gill is being scanned and the next author is Dharam Chand Vatish. After that, Manavpreet shared update or notification about Wikimedia Strategy Movement. She said that online calls will happen in November & December. Anyone can participate in these calls. The links were shared on the etherpad. Next things was discussion about sister projects of Punjabi Wikipedia. This was suggested by Mulkh Singh that we should also focus on Wiktionary as well because no one is active on Wiktionary.