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Internal assessmentEdit

  1. Is it well written and provides all the required details?
  2. Does the page has related images and Commons link?
  3. Does the page follow Wiki manual of style?
  4. Is the page stable?
  5. Over-all assessment


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CIS-A2K Internal Assessment or IA is CIS-A2K's internal assessment process to ensure the event and activity pages are complete and maintain high standard providing all required details. This is kind of inspired by the assessment process we have on a few Wikipedias. The assessments will be done by User:Tito (CIS-A2K) mostly. However, any CIS-A2K member except a page creator/major contributor can do the assessment.


Post {{subst:CIS-A2K IP}} on a CIS-A2K event talk page, which will automatically add the page to Category:CIS-A2K unassessed pages