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Macedonia report: Wikicamp in DihovoEdit

By Македонец

During the holiday weekend on the occasion of the Independence Day of Macedonia from 7th to 9th of September in the village of Dihovo on the foothills of Baba mountain and peak Pelister near Bitola, the second Wiki-Camp was organized. The camp was attended by 20 young people from several towns in Macedonia who, through mutual acquaintance and socializing, had the opportunity to get to familiarized, instructed and be trained for editing articles on Wikipedia in Macedonian language by editing through the visual editor and source coded editing via the html code as well the new translation tool. Moreover all of the participants have been trained for creating a good quality articles by adding references, categorizing articles and formatting text in the articles. The second main focus of the training during the wikicamp was the uploading and licensing images on Commons Wikimedia. For the first time on this wikicamp has been conveyed presentation and workshop on Wikidata, whereby the participants have edited several subjects of articles. Apart from the editing activities the second main acitvity about which the participants have been trained was the manner of conducting expedition field research in the area of ​​geography, nature, agriculture, cultural heritage, architecture and archeology through hikes on different places in the surroundings whereby the attendants have visited Dihovo with the remains of the first textile factory and an industrial building in Macedonia with all social facilities and natural landmarks such as the Kapejnci waterfall and the monastery in the vicinity on the second day and the villages of Brusnik and Nizepole in Bitola and their surroundings on the last day where over 130 photos were made available for free use. Within the editing activities during the Wikicamp in Dihovo, more than 50 new articles on Wikipedia have been created and more then a dozen were improved in Macedonian Wikipedia. Considering the success of this camp and the usefulness of using Wikipedia in everyday life, to hold more Wiki-camps during the spring and autumn in different parts of Macedonia for the next year and workshops and lectures in more cities of the state.