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Wiki-ramble in Sestroretsk

Translated from the Russian Wikinews article В Сестрорецке прошла вики-экскурсия

On March 30, 2019, in Sestroretsk town (inner region of Saint Petersburg) a group of "local-wiki-historians" from Russian Northwestern Federal District held their 2nd Wiki-ramble to this town.

The 1st ramble was held on July 22, 2017 in the nearby Kronstadt town. 4 people attended the event at the time, led by Wikipedia users Красный and Aervin. The newer event gathered 7 people.

The participants had examined past-glorious Sestroretsk Armory (Сестрорецкий инструментальный завод) buildings and made a walk through park/resort part of the town where many historical buildings are situated, wooden houses of Art Nouveau architectural style among them.

The participants examine the building of the dacha of I. F. Krechev

Despite the fact that Sestroretsk is a popular recreational destination, there are lack of quality photos of local cultural heritage monuments at Wikimedia Commons. Given the fact that many historical buildings in Sestroretsk are currently half-destroyed and may even fully extinct at any time, to picture them now is obviously important task. That's why the wiki-ramble was not only dedicated to sightseeing, but also had culturological value.

The participating Wikipedians Красный, ssr, Екатерина Борисова and Ain92 decided to create a Wikimedia user group of Russian-Northwestern "local-wiki-historians" for further collaboration on various types of Wiki-editing based on Cultural Heritage Lists at Russian Wikivoyage.

The gallery

More photos at Commons gallery: c:Category:Wikimeetup in Sestroretsk 2019-03-30.