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Croatia report: Wikiproject Energetics edit

By Fraxinus
Blu Homes mkSolaire, a green building designed by Michelle Kaufmann.

Students of The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb (Croatian: Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, abbr: FER) participated in the Wikiproject Energetics as the part of a seminar project at their Faculty which is the largest technical faculty and the leading educational as well as research-and-development institution in the fields of electrical engineering and computing in Croatia. This Wikiproject started in 2014 and has been developing every year since today. These year there were also involved foreign students of this Faculty writing in the English while other students were writing their articles in the Croatian language. They wrote about many interesting topics like: Smart City, Green vehicles, Green building, Eco village and similar things related mostly with the energetics and green techonology of the future.