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Albania report: Photowalk, institutional agreements and "KinoCitat"

By Margott

Our August started with City Photo Walk. We organized a 2 day tour in different cities of Kosova. The participants were allowed to take any picture around the city that they find interesting and upload it on Commons. So far we have 412 pictures uploaded. Now us, the organizers, will choose the best pictures, and for the first place we will give an Polaroid camera. The picture can be found here.

The same Photo city walk will be hosted in different cities in Albania, in October.

The preparation for Wiki Loves Monuments are almost done, and we are ready to launch the campaign for both, Albanian and Kosova. We are proud to say that we as a supporter we have National Museum of Kosova, Ministry of Culture of Albania and the National Institute of Monuments in Albania. Also the venue for the exhibition and the closing ceremony with the winners will be hosted at the Ministry of Culture in Albania.

We have also have sign an agreement with Museum of Kosova to have an Wikipedia corner at their institution. And also to help them digitalis their information and multimedia material. We are doing the same with the Albanian Historic Museum.

Also, we have collaborated with Authority for Information on the Documents of ex - Secret Service in Albania, and the director of this institution Genta Sula helped one of our members Kristina, with a lot of information about biographies of ex convicted, about the camp and the historic story behind it. All the articles are already open in Sq wikipedia, and we will work to be soon into English one as well. We will soon upload the pictures taken during the event organized by Authority for Information on the Documents of ex - Secret Service.

There is one new projects on Wikiquote called KinoCitat- which aims to collect quotes from different movies. And the Wiki Harry Potter group has reached 21 good articles and 3 features ones. We are also running a administrator selection for Wikibooks since theres none till now.