Brazil Program/Reports/October Report 2013

Institutional edit

Onboarding activity at Ação Educativa
  • Contracts analyses, wrap up of partnership process between Ação Educativa and Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Onboarding activity at Ação Educativa: about 20 people participated in the onboarding activity about the Wikimedia project at Ação Educativa. Gustavo Paiva, from Ação Educativa, and our team presented our project proposal in details to representatives from other departments than the one hosting our project.
Onboarding activity at Ação Educativa

Outreach & tutorials publishing edit

Brazil Catalyst program staff meeting with students and professor at Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco
  • Work in progress: production of complete tutorial on how to participate and engage in Wikimedia Projects
  • Finalized review on Basic principals brochure made by students from Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco

GLAM edit

  • Projeto Reflora: offered partnership to Reflora's project (public archive of plants species collected in the 19th and 20th centuries). There was progress until the top directors, but didn't succeed in end.
  • Instituto Butantan: offered partnership to Instituto Butantan but didn't have much progress so far either.
  • Based on those two unsuccessful experiences we started re-designing the GLAM approach strategy in order to either get, even by force of law, content in public domain collected with public funding, or to change dramatically the approach and communications.
  • Engaged in the community discussion about photographic contest, to support and work together on this programatic activity planned in our project proposal

Education edit

  • Brazilian Education Program presentation on Iberoconf 2013
  • Advances in partnership negotiations with universities: UFF, Passo Fundo University, BandTech, UFRJ, USP
  • Meetings and discussions with the local community of contributors
  • Meetings at Wikimedia's office in San Francisco with Asaf, Anasuya, Rod and LiAnna about the education program in Brazil and the next steps
  • Education Extension tests, updates, translation and wiki pages creation around the extension
  • Event participation planning at Passo Fundo University
  • Partnership conversations with UFMA (Federal University of Maranhão)
  • Meeting with Mozilla Foundation about sinergy and similar projects developed by both foundations.
  • Meeting with Adele and Carolynne Schloeder about Wikipedia Zero in Brazil

Data Analysis edit

Under development:

Participation in events edit

Oona Castro @ Tedx