Brazil Program/Reports/May Report 2013

Institutional edit

Our potential institutional partner in Brazil, Ação Educativa, has been finalizing a project's proposal to be submitted to WMF.

Data & Experiments edit


  • Research in the planning phase:
    • Medicin Wikiproject: The activity of users that were invited to the project by the Wikiprojetosbot will be tracked to mesure the effectiveness of the invitations.

Staff & Community work edit

  • IRC with community: agenda covered vandalism research, consensus on wikipedia, mismatching disambiguations, education program job positions, ptwiki research center history and future, medicin wikiproject and ptwiki timeline. pt:Wikipédia:Projetos/Wikipédia/Reuniões

Education edit

Medicine Wikiproject edit

  • Wikiprojetosbot started dispatching invitations for users to join the wikiproject.
  • Despite its preliminary stage, this strategy is already showing some results such as community engagement on the Wikiproject talk page and an increasing number of new editors.