Brazil Program/Reports/March Report 2013


Institutional PartnershipsEdit

A debate on governance with Ação Educativa, WMF and a member of the community took place to trigger a debate on meta. The report on the meeting has been published and is now open for debate.

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Partnerships with universitiesEdit

  • FGV SP (Getulio Vargas Foundation): Lecture at FGV Law School in São Paulo for about 70 people has taken place, with the participation of WMF team and one volunteer. The university has tried to implement actitivies at Wikipedia but faced difficulties in having the content accepted. They’re restructuring the project with our support now.
    Wikipédia na Universidade - FGV SP (direito)

  • We’ve catalyzed and provided first translation version for online tutorials. The community has imported the pages and is customizing the material: wpt:Wikipédia:Training

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Community and High SchoolEdit

Catalyzing WikipediaEdit