Brazil Program/Reports/April Report 2013

Institutional edit

Institutional Partnerships edit

Travel of Ação Educativa representative to the Education Meeting in the Wikimedia Conference in order to allow learnings about the movement and the program, as well as to introduce Ação Educativa’s vision on Education to the Wikimedia movement.

Started discussing specific ideas and principles of a partnership with Ação Educativa to become a project to be presented to WMF:

Data & Experiments edit

  • Research released:

Geo localization comparison for contributions to Wikipedia: Annual stats for the Portuguese Wikipedia:

  • Ongoing researches:

Vandalism profile, impact and occurance (important to note this will cover the period in which the emergency mode of CAPTCHA was removed from the Portuguese Wikipedia by the Mediawiki community)

  • Research in the planning phase:

Opinion survey led by a volunteer with the catalyst program team support. The research aims at identifying the main problems the community currently see on the Portuguese Wikipedia:

Education edit

Partnerships with universities edit

  • Gama Filho: tutorial videos for the translation course:

  • Participation of Everton in the Education Program meeting at the Wikimedia Conference, in Milan.

Medicin Wikiproject edit