Brand Network/Wikimedia UK

This space is for the Wikimedia UK community to ask questions and give feedback on the 2030 Movement Brand Project.

Phase 1 of the rebrand has been completed, which resulted in the creation of the design concept of ‘Interconnection’. The branding team are now in Phase 2, which focuses on potential new naming conventions for the Wikimedia Foundation (and potentially other organisations within the movement).

Wikimedia UK will be holding a video conference to gather feedback on the proposals on Wednesday 24th June, 1-2pm. The discussion will focus on how well each naming proposal fulfils the six branding objectives as defined by the Wikimedia Foundation. We will then give feedback using this form prior to the 30th June deadline. You can give feedback directly in this meeting – either verbally or in the chat – or on this Meta page. If you have any questions or would prefer to give feedback by email, please contact Katie at info(_AT_)



Comments & feedback

  • Wow, a name change. I don't think Interconnection explains anything about the movement. Indeed it reminds me of Consignia - a meaningless word that cost Royal Mail millions and was quickly dropped. I don't feel the 'thing' the Wiki foundation does is 'connect', it informs, it educates, it shares. I can't help thinking improved communications would better serve us than a change in name. — The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk)
  • My feelings are the same as the IP above. I'm rather surprised that they're going ahead with this given that every bit of community feedback I've seen so far has been very, very significantly opposed - a view I share. Indeed having read what is public so far, I'm still none the wiser about why any change is believed to be a useful goal? Thryduulf (talk: meta · en.wp · wikidata) 15:22, 5 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]