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Nesta seção você encontrará templates e arquivos que ajudarão você a criar o conteúdo que precisa. Novos templates são criados para logos e apresentações. Nós usamos o Figma, um software livre que roda no navegador, para a criação de logos. Você encontrará um template de apresentação no Google slides. Mesmo que não seja designer, você deve conseguir criar seus próprios recursos com estes novos templates!

WMF Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Create Introduction.png


Você precisa criar ou carregar um logo para o seu afiliado? Estamos testando um jeito mais acessível para apoiar afiliados com templates de design "faça você mesmo" no Figma, uma plataforma de design gratuita para usar que pode rodar em qualquer navegador.

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Para decks de apresentação, usamos o Google Slides. Você pode encontrar o template de apresentação do Afiliado Wikimedia 2022 abaixo.

O template de apresentação da Fundação Wikimedia para funcionários pode ser encontrado no Escritório Wikimedia.

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Documentos afiliados com o logo do globo. Você pode encontrar o papel timbrado neste Google doc e o formato de documento digital neste aqui.


So you want to create your User Group/Chapter/Thematic Organization’s own tagline/descriptor. That is great! We have put together this quick how-to guide that will walk you through the best-practices in creating an approved tagline/descriptor that will help you communicate your work better:

First, look at the available taglines/descriptors that have already been approved and can be applied to most use cases here.

Wikimedia Brand Guidelines Update 2022 - Wikimedia Create taglines.png

Create your own tagline

Haven't found a tagline/descriptor that you think best describes your affiliate group? you can create your own. If you do not know where to start, follow the next steps:

  • Start by writing, in a few words, lines that describe: Your affiliate group’s ultimate goal, what differentiates your group from others and something that the users in your group have in common (it could be a common passion or a geographic location).
  • Make sure that you keep your line short: the shorter, the better. In English, we recommend no more than 10 words total.
  • Make sure that the line you have written provides a connection between the affiliate group and Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects, or the movement.

Some considerations when creating your own tagline

  • Do add words that are related to the Wikimedia movement, which can include: free knowledge, open knowledge, sum of all human knowledge.
  • Check to see if there is a clear distinction that demonstrates the independence from the Wikimedia Foundation per the legal definition of affiliates—that will protect you and the users who are part of the group. Read more about Wikimedia movement affiliate models here.
  • Do not include wording that can make you and other volunteers in your User Group vulnerable to legal liability, such as: Local representant of the Wikimedia Foundation; local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation; using only “Wikimedia”, without the word “movement” or “projects” (it might be open to interpretation).
  • Do include wording that demonstrate your independence from the Wikimedia Foundation, such as: Independent, volunteer-based

Final steps

  • Once you are done, share it with others in your affiliate group so they can provide their feedback.
  • Test the tagline against your Affiliate/User Group’s logomark. Does it work? Does it not? Why?
  • Happy with the final line? Then you are ready to use it! Feel free to share your new tagline/descriptor to the talk page for other communities to remix or use.