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This is a section for frequently asked questions about the Wikimedia brand.

Are there other (e.g Keynote, PowerPoint, Word) templates?Edit

Right now, we have templates for Google Documents and Libre Office. If you really need a different format template, please request one by emailing communications wikimedia org.

How much can I write on one slide?Edit

We recommend sharing no more than 3 sentences on a slide. If you have more to say, just add more slide!

Do I need to update my research papers (e.g. LaTex) templates?Edit

No you do not. We understand that research papers follow academic style guides and want Foundation staff, research partners, and community members to use those in presenting formal research.

Should I use punctuation in my titles?Edit

That’s up to you, with one rule: be consistent. If you want to live a life free of punctuation in titles, LIVE FREE ON EVERY SLIDE. If you commit to punctuation in your titles, STAY TRUE THROUGHOUT YOUR PRESENTATION.

Do I need to update my older presentations?Edit

Only if you are presenting them publicly again. Archived and Foundation-internal materials can be kept as-is.