Book management 2014/UX Document

Reading InterfaceEdit

  • Menu bar with following options:
    • Full screen mode
    • Search in book
    • Readability Options
    • Metadata
    • Table of contents
    • Previous and Next chapter links


Search in bookEdit


Readability optionsEdit


Full screenEdit


Increased font sizeEdit


Dark backgroundEdit


Editing InterfaceEdit

Navbar on edit pageEdit

  • Navbar with metadata, table of contents and prev/next links on edit page of a chapter to ensure easy switching to different sections of the book while editing.


Editing metadataEdit

  • Date picker for publication date
  • Big text-area for book description instead of a textbox.


Dropdown edit options while editing sections of the bookEdit


Book's landing pageEdit

  • Search box for searching in book.
  • One click options for the whole book in form of dropdown.