Book management 2013/Benchmark

There are a number of other, similar interfaces used for organizing books on external sites. There are also on-wiki and external resources that may be helpful in other parts of this project.

Book organization edit

Collection extension's book organization page
Booktype's book organization page

The Booktype software (demo) has a very nice interface for organizing a book.

  • "New chapter," "new section," and "import chapter" buttons
  • Chapters and sections (different levels) are visually distinct by color
  • Chapters or sections can be moved by dragging the rectangles
  • "Edit" and "view" links from each chapter
  • Chapters and sections can be empty
  • Chapter completion status is displayed on the left side ("new," "needs content," "completed," "to be proofed")
  • Exportable as "book," "ebook" (Kindle, iPad, general), "onscreen PDF," or ODT
  • In view mode, the table of contents stays in a column on the left side, with the chapter displayed on the right. This is used in lieu of navbars.

Metadata edit

There are many metadata collection templates and forms that can be used to decide what types of data should be collected:

Reading interface edit

Reading interface from Booktype

Navigation bars edit

List of navigation templates in use on en.wikibooks

Header templates currently being used on the English Wikisource
Header templates currently being used on the Portuguese Wikibooks (Módulo:Nav)
Header template generated by BookManager