Boards training workshop March 2014/Information



(Refer to Wikimania travel instructions)

Food and drinkEdit

The following are included in registration and arranged by Wikimedia UK;

  • Restaurant meals on Friday and Saturday evenings
  • Sandwich lunches on Saturday and Sunday

Most hotels will include breakfast. Lavish quantities of coffee, tea, fruit juice and soft drinks are included. Beer and wine are not.


The workshop is happening at the end of winter. Outside temperatures will probably be 5-10 degrees, though it can go as low as freezing. Southern England is currently having the wettest winter in history, so best if you prepare for it to rain all weekend.



We want everyone to feel able to share problems and solutions safely, and to have a constructive environment. So -

  • When others are sharing problems/difficulties they have encountered, please keep the details within the group. You are OK to use and share the knowledge you gain, but not to make confidential details public. So you can say afterwards "I know a chapter had X problem and this is what they did and it did/didn't work". But it would not be OK to post on an email list afterwards "I heard Wikimedia XX had a treasurer called Joe Bloggs who stole all their money - what a bunch of idiots".
  • When you are sharing situations, please describe them without being personal about the people concerned.
  • This confidentiality may not extend to some very serious situations where someone present might have a duty to act on information provided. (E.g. If your treasurer has actually stolen your WMF grant funds and this has not been disclosed! )

The workshop is an investment of time and money by everyone involved and we hope you will make the most of it! To this end;

  • Please attend all programme sessions, and give them your full attention. There is ample time for networking / checking emails / sleeping outside of the sessions.
  • Please be on time - the schedule is very full and the sessions will start when they say they do
  • The sessions will be conducted in English. Presenters/facilitators know most participants are not native speakers, and will aim to speak clearly. If you don't understand, please ask them to repeat or explain.