Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2009/ia

Le election finiva le 10 de augusto 2009. Nulle voto essera plus acceptate.
Le resultatos ha essite annunciate le 12 de augusto 2009.
Electiones del Consilio pro 2009

Le electiones de 2009 pro le Board of Trustees (consilio de administration) essera conducite inter le 28 de julio e le 10 de augusto 2009. Le membros del communitate de Wikimedia ha le opportunitate de eliger tres candidatos pro un mandato de duo annos que expirara in 2011. Le Board of Trustees es le autoritate ultimate de governantia del Fundation Wikimedia, un organisation sin scopo lucrative 501(c)(3) registrate in le Statos Unite. Le Fundation Wikimedia gere multe projectos diverse como Wikipedia e Commons.

Le electiones essera conducite de modo secur in servitores pertinente a Software in the Public Interest. Le votos es secrete e solmente visibile a pauc personas seligite pro verificar le election e contar le votos. Le publico potera votar pro plure candidatos in ordine de preferentia. Le votos essera contate con le methodo Schulze pro classificar le candidatos a base del numero de votatores que prefere ille candidato super altere candidatos.

Le Comité de Election plana annunciar le resultatos le 12 de augusto o antea. Resultatos detaliate essera disponibile. Tote le tempores in iste pagina es 00:00 (medienocte) UTC.

Information pro votatoresEdit


Tu pote votar ab un conto registrate que tu possede in un wiki de Wikipedia (tu pote solmente votar un vice, non importa le numero de contos que tu possede). Pro esser eligibile, iste singule conto debe:

  • non esser blocate, e
  • non esser un robot; e
  • haber facite al minus 600 modificationes ante le 1 de junio 2009 trans wikis de Wikimedia (le modificationes dispergite in plure wikis pote esser combinate si tu contos es unificate in un conto global); e
  • haber facite al minus 50 modificationes inter le 1 de januario e 1 de julio 2009.

Exceptiones special: le sequentes pote votar sin reguardo al requisitos supra mentionate:

  • Administratores de servitores Wikimedia con accesso shell;
  • personal pagate del Fundation Wikimedia que esseva empleate ante le 1 de martio 2009;
  • membros o ex-membros del Board of Trustees.

Como votarEdit

Si tu es eligibile a votar:

  1. Lege le presentationes del candidatos e decide qual candidatos tu supportara.
  2. Va al pagina wiki "Special:Securepoll" in un wiki in le qual tu es eligibile de votar. Per exemplo, si tu es le plus active in le wiki, visita
  3. Seque le instructiones in ille pagina.

Information pro candidatosEdit

Un description detaliate del responsabilitates de un membro del Consilio se trova a Board Manual.

Responsibilitates qua membro del ConsilioEdit

Esser un membro del Consilio de un micre organisation como le Fundation Wikimedia, que incontra defias immense, pote consumer multe tempore. Le position es voluntari e non pagate. Ben que le membros del consilio non es expectate de contribuer moneta personal al organisation, illes es benvenite de adjutar a collectar fundos.

Le membros del consilio es expectate de assister a al minus 3-4 incontros per anno in persona, assister a Wikimania (nostre conferentia annual), e assister a altere planate incontros e votos in linea. Le Consilio communica intensivemente via e-mail, wiki e IRC. Membros individual a vices participa in incontros strategic con altere organisationes e companias, reportante le resultatos retro al Consilio e al personal.

Le membros individual del consilio es expectate de participar in certe activitates (como collecta de fundos, Wikimania, o auditing) e pro adjutar a construer politicas, chartas e resolutiones super tal topicos.

Proque le membros del Consilio ha deberes inherente a lor postos, le candidatos que actualmente tene postos pagate al Fundation Wikimedia debe retirar se de ille postos ante que illes pote esser appunctate al Board of Trustees. Isto es pro evitar potential conflictos de interesse.

Prerequisitos de candidaturaEdit

Pro esser eligibile qua candidato, tu debe:

  • haber facite al minus 600 modificationes ante le 1 de martio 2009 usante un singule conto registrate (ma le modificationes facite in plure wikis pote esser combinate si tu contos es unificate in un conto global); e
  • haber facite al minus 50 modificationes inter le 1 de januario e 1 de julio 2009; e
  • publicar tu nomine real in tu presentation de candidato (post que le identitates del membros del Board es inherentemente public, il non es possibile tener un posto al Board of Trustees anonymemente ni sub pseudonymo); e
  • haber al minus 18 annos de etate e esser de etate de majoria in tu pais de residentia.
Special exceptions: current members of the Board of Trustees may be candidates regardless of the above requirements.

How to submit your candidacyEdit

If you are eligible, you can submit your candidacy by doing the following:

  1. Write a brief summary of no more than 1200 characters stating what you would do if you were elected to the Board of Trustees, your relevant opinions and experience, and anything else you think is relevant. You may not use your candidate summary to link to lists of endorsements or other platform pages, and may not run on a slate with other candidates.
  2. Submit your summary between 00:00, 06 July 2009 (UTC) and 23:59, 27 July 2009 (UTC). After July 27, it cannot be changed except for minor corrections or translation. Any additions submitted after this deadline will be time-stamped and presented separately from the original summary, and will only be presented to voters if they get translated into all of the same languages as the original summary.
  3. Submit proof of your identity to Cary Bass (Volunteer Coordinator) before 27 July 2009. You will be privately contacted by a member of the Election Committee with further information about meeting this requirement when you list yourself as a candidate.

Candidates who fail to comply with the above requirements and deadlines will be disqualified.


Time lineEdit

  • 01–30 June 2009: primary translation phase; subcommittee actively coordinates and promotes translation.
  • 06–27 July 2009: candidate submissions.
  • 27 July 2009: deadline to send proof of identity (late or missing submissions will be disqualified).
  • 28 July–10 August 2009: elections.
  • 10–12 August 2009: vote-checking.
  • 12 August 2009: publication of results.


To ensure that a representative cross-section of the Wikimedia community takes part in this election, it is important to translate election notices and candidate statements into as many languages as possible. To help translate, please see the translation page.