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Black Lunch Table (BLT) is a nonprofit organization and sixteen-year ongoing artist collaboration. BLT’s primary aim has been the production of discursive sites, wherein cultural producers engage in dialogue on a variety of critical issues.

Black Lunch Table Wikimedians mobilize the creation and improvement of a specific set of Wikipedia articles that pertain to the lives and works of Black artists. In the field of mainstream contemporary art, Black artists are still marginalized within our field.

Wikipedia estimates that 77% of their editors are white and 91% of their editors are men. Our work shifts this demographic and empowers people to write their own history. Our sessions and events, including BLT Photobooth and edit-a-thons, equip new editors with the skills and resources to create, update, and improve Wikipedia articles and encourages existing editors to focus on Wikipedia knowledge gaps.


  • To increase the reach, connection with communities, and presence of Wikimedia especially as it pertains to gaps of Black visual artists.
  • Increase Wikimedia understanding, editorship, articles and article quality.
  • To afford more new editors one-on-one attention, access to training and help them get the editing bug, fostering return editors.
  • Increase visibility of marginal populations on Wikimedia through edit-a-thon events, online meetups, a photo initiative and other creative approaches.


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Black Lunch Table has been about in-person and digital collectivities. Amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, it will be even more digital. We have online events that both offer community and sessions that focus on editing, artists, and education.
See schedule below with more info available on our Wiki Meetup Page.

  1. September 25th, 2022: BLT Office Hours, online
  2. October 6th, 2022: BLT Workshop at Illingsworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Canada
  3. October 22, 2022: Wiki panel discussion in Botswana (details forthcoming)

BLT: Live on IG: Artists are central to all facets of BLT. As exhibitions and freelance work are canceled due to the virus, what we can do to support the continuation of the archive we depend on is ask and compensate artists as they share and commune with us through a series of online “talks”. Noon, EST. Find them on IG Live @blacklunchtable.

Topic Focus and Online Edit-a-thons: Join us for online Wikipedia editing and assistance. Help record history as it unfolds by updating related Wikipedia articles, editing know-how is not necessary. In addition to regular editing together, Topic Focus sessions we will feature experts on WikiEDU, editing on mobile devices, Wikidata, and Spanish language editing. All skill levels are welcome! Noon, EST.

Play BLT BINGO: BLT BINGO is a contest series that celebrates the work of artists by working to increase information about them on Wikimedia platforms and increasing editors' fluency with all the Wiki platforms. New cards and prizes are released each month.

Missed any of our BLT Live or Topic Focus sessions? You can watch all of them HERE

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