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Linked from Blog post WMF at Maker Faire 2008, suggest a ‘best-of Wikimedia’ item

Use the edit tab at the top of this page to open a window and add a link or description of a 'best of' page you'd like to see featured in a Wikimedia related public presentation. Just scroll down below the following line and add your suggestion to the bottom. Make sure you put some space before or after, and if you're a user add ~~~~ (four tildes) to sign your post.

Your suggestion may be featured in an ongoing presentation highlighting less known but noteworthy Wikimedia projects and pages. Thanks!

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  • The (featured) article Islam as an example of the positive outcome of collaboration on complex and heated topics.
  • Exploding Whale, probably our most famous example of an article that we have that no other encyclopedia would ever have (and something more interesting for the kids to read).
  • The RSS Feed of Wikinews' frontpage as an example of different output formats and our ability to be up to the minute.

Witty lama 07:30, 13 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

  • Some sort of time lapse video - I reckon stuff like this demonstrates how powerful and immediate a collaborative effort can be.
  • Some 'top of my head' feedback re:Witty's suggestions above include a little bit of caution preaching re : Islam, particularly given the 'images' controversy (maybe 'Intelligent Design' is another complex, heated, and quality article?, the thought that the second bullet is probably best avoided, and an endorsement for the other three! - Privatemusings 11:41, 13 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • Danish Study says Wikipedia is reliable here it also highlights the positive effect of a Wikiproject on citations.
  • Maybe a landmark Wikinews story as well?