Basic Wikimedia Commons workshop for Bird Photographers

Date, time and location edit

Agenda edit

A wikimedia commons workshop aims at training experienced wildlife and bird photographers in uploading photos in wikimedia commons. The workshop will concentrate on uploading photographs realated to the biodiversity of Rabindra Sarabor.

Objectives edit

The workshop will train people to upload photos on wikimedia commons on the biodiversity of Rabondra Sarobar

Coodinators edit

Target Audience edit

Experienced bird and wildlife photographers who have a large collection of photographs of the biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar

Participants edit

Measure of success edit

The number of photos uploaded on the wikimedia commons category of Biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar

Report edit

I got into bird photography during the Covid 19 lockdown. After the lockdown was relaxed I started visiting bird hotspot in and around Kolkata. One of them was Rabindra Sarovar, where I meet several birders and nature lovers. They run a Facebook group called Biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar, and upload photographs regularly in the group. I got introduced to some of the members of the group and proposed an online wikimedia commons workshop aimed at uploading photographs of birds and other biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar.

The google meet workshop was scheduled on 23 April 20:00 hrs IST and there were about 12 participants. Only one had a previous account. 6 participants opened their wiki account. A total of 6 participants uploaded photos in wikimedia commons. In 72 hours a total of 60+ photos were uploaded in commons. All the photos were from Rabindra Sarobar and not only included birds but also insects, trees and mammals.

Furtre plan edit

Advanced workshop: Have plans for an advanced workshop focusing on

  • Creation of categories in commons
  • Usage of photos in different projects
  • Writing wildlife based article for English and Bengali wikipedia

Repeat of basic workshop: Some of the Facebook group members missed out on the workshop and wants to have a rerun of the workshop.