BLP Task Force/Meeting agenda

Read the log of the meeting here.
  1. Legal issues
    • Not our problem
  2. Proposals versus Recommendations
    • Mention proposal options we have
    • Are recommendations an option
      • Review the workshop list
        • What, if anything is feasible as a recommendation to the Board
    • Conclude with possiblilities
  3. Clear up Proposals
    • No consensus BLP defaults to delete
    • Sourcing crackdown by edict of the Board, not just Jimbo's quote from three years ago
  4. Recommendations (if decided possible)
    • Respect for BLP requests from subjects/agents
      • Accounts and their naming
      • COI, and its interpretation on
      • OTRS relations
      • Privacy issues (see parts 1 and three of this section)
      • Marginally notable requests for deletion
      • Feasability of the Task Force and it's recommendations within projects
  5. Organization
    • Writing proposals
    • Finalizing thoughts
    • Anything else we might discover as ideas