Association of Mergist Wikipedians

I, Reene, hereby establish the Association of Mergist Wikipedians (AMW).

Association of Mergist Wikipedians
Association of Mergist Wikipedians
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Founded27 November 2004

The AMW believes that while some information is notable and encyclopedic and therefore has a place on Wikipedia, much of it is not notable enough to warrant its own article and is therefore best merged. In this sense we are similar to Inclusionists, as we believe in the preservation of information and knowledge, but share traits with Deletionists as we disagree with the rampant creation of new articles for topics that could easily be covered elsewhere.

Our logo is meant to symbolize the power of smaller elements brought together to create something better than scattered parts could be. Its logo recalls the “merging” symbol, two arrows melting together. The color is purple, fusion between red (deletionism) and blue (inclusionism). The shapes are soft, as the desire of merging two articles in the smoothest way possible

Naturally, as tastes and beliefs vary, our members may tend toward either Inclusionism or Deletionism as their beliefs suit them. However, we as Mergists for the most part tend toward the middle and prefer balance over views that are radical and blanket in nature.

All you have to do to become a Mergist is add your name to the list below.

Goals edit

  1. Outpace rampant Inclusionism and Deletionism
  2. Merge articles (especially stubs) as necessary
  3. Further our goal of a balanced Mergist point of view
  4. Encourage others to become Mergists by explaining our point of view to them

The pillars of Mergism edit

  These pillars of Mergism have their foundation in the official policies of Wikipedia:

  1. Wikipedia is not a dictionary – an entry that consists of just a definition does not belong here, but it might belong in a larger concept article or in Wiktionary.
  2. Avoid redundancy – adding to existing articles should be considered before creating entirely new ones.

Members edit

Please see Association of Mergist Wikipedians/Members. Feel free to add yourself.

General Secretary edit

  The current General Secretary is Neutrality.

If you request a revote, please do it here.

Promotion and User boxes edit

You can use these templates to announce your membership and promote this association:

Basic user box: add {{User mergist}}, which generates

  This User Is a Member of the Association of Mergist Wikipedians

Tasks edit


General edit

Looking for something to do? These areas of Wikipedia are positively littered with little nuggets that cry out for the attention of a dedicated Mergist:

  • Discuss the option of bringing a contested merge to Articles for Deletion
  • New pages - Little mini-articles are pouring in every day that need our attention.
  • Articles to be merged - Hundreds of articles that have been tagged for merging. Some are easy; some are a little more of a challenge. An extra bonus: it auto-updates!!
  • Duplicate articles - A smaller group of articles that need merging. This one doesn't auto-update, but there's room for discussion.
  • Stubs - There are thousands of stubs that can be merged by the truly devoted mergist.
  • WikiProject Integration - Project to support mergist activities.

Votes needing attention edit

Below are links to VfD and VfU pages that AMW members ought to investigate. The idea is that these are votes which AMW members should be aware of, so we can read the articles and discussions and then weigh in appropriately. Anyone may add to this list, but please include a very brief description of who/what the article is about (though the presence of this summary does not mean that AMW members should fail to read the article itself).

Use this format (for instance):

  • Article name(s) - expires 1 January 2010 - this/these article(s) describes...

"You can't go off the road if you are put back on the right track"-Anonymous


Proposal Logo of the Association of Mergist Wikipedians:The mergist logo recall the “merging” symbol, i.e. two arrow melting toghether. The color is purple, fusion between red (deletionism) and blue (inclusionism). The shapes are soft, as the desire of merging two articles in the smoothest way possible
Proposal logos of the wikimedia association of users

Hello everybody! I'm an inclusionist but i'd like to submit my proposal for a new Mergistist logo. I have created nine other logo proposal for nine different association. Hope the one for you meet your taste :) --Bruce The Deus (talk) 16:30, 28 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

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