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AssessMediaWiki is a project for creating a web application tool which assists teachers on assessing Wiki projects's activity of students according to personalized criteria, based on MediaWiki. This project is an open-source project, all the development has been carried out using an open-source code repository, particularly the RedIRIS Community Open Knowledge Forge.


Although there are lots of extensions to the MediaWiki system, no one of these extensions assess single wiki contributions. Most of the approaches simply offer different ways to assess a certain version of a wiki page (usually the last -actual- revision), not simple editions. Assessing editions eases individual grading, as editions are made by single users.


AssessMediaWiki implements two different user roles: Lecturer and Student.

Student rol can choose several options:

  • Assess a revision
  • Check his revisions evaluated
  • Have a look at the revisions he has evaluated

Lecturer has another view in the application with more options, such as modifying program settings or checking students's assessments.

AssessMediaWiki output can be manually processed or using a complementary system like CleverFigures for MediaWiki.



Before installing AssessMediaWiki it is needed to have installed a previous MediaWiki installation, and have access in the database of MediaWiki. For further knowledge of how to do a MediaWiki's installation, please refer to Mediawiki's web.

Create a database for AssessMediaWiki, and an user who will be granted with all privileges about it. In a terminal, write:

% mysql -u root -p

Once inside, execute:

GRANT ALL ON amw_data.* TO amw_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'amw_password';

Go to application/config/database.php and change access's parameters with yur recently created database and user:

$db['default']['username'] = 'amw_user';
$db['default']['password'] = 'amw_password';
$db['default']['database'] = 'amw_data';

Configure the database's access for the MediaWiki installation. Go to application/config/amw.php and modify the following parameters:

$config["database_mw"] = "mediawiki_db";
$config["username_mw"] = "mediawiki_user";
$config["password_mw"] = "mediawiki_pass";

Now, indicate which users will be lecturer:

// ID of users who will be administrator/lecturer, in this case with ID = 1 and ID = 2
$config["usuarios_admin"] = array(1, 2);

AssessMediaWiki only evaluates in an indicated period of time, in the same file as before, change the dates on:

$config["fecha_inicio"] = "20120301000000";
$config["fecha_fin"] = "20120605000000";

Finally, the installation is completed, and the application can be accessed with any of the administrator accounts by browser. In first instance, the application is in development mode which its purpose is only for experimental use. Put the following parameter in FALSE in order to make the application fully functional in application/config/amw.php:

$config["modo_desarrollo"] = FALSE;

Now your AssessMediaWiki is ready for evaluating assessments.


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