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Template:Lingua Libre and minority languages
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Adélaïde Calais WMFr
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Live video presentation (30 minutes)

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Wikimedia France
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In this talk I present Lingua Libre's functionalities and showcase two projects that were run by wikimedians

to document minority languages through lingua libre. If possible I would like the people who led the projects to present it themselves.

What will attendees take away from this session?
Lingua Libre is a tool created specifically to document minority languages on the wikimedia projects. It is very easy to master and I should be able to give all participants the capacity to use it for their own projects along with some examples of what can be done.
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I deeply apologize for submitting my application so late. As Lingua Libre was affected by a datacenter fire in France, I was not sure until yesterday that it would be back up in time. But our technicians are now positive that they will have it running again before the end of April.
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