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ArcGIS notes by maveric149.
Please use these notes in any way allowable by the w:GNU FDL. However, you might want to drop me a line in my talk page after you make a wikipedia article from this information, so that I don't make a similar article from the same data. I also plan on somehow marking the text in this file that has already been incorperated into wikipedia.

Class information edit

Class Website

Week 4 edit

To fix the w:projection of CA, set the w:meridian to -120. That way, the northeast border is projected straight up and down.

Do this by going to, "Properties" of "Layers" on the sidebar, select the "Coordinate System" tab, with the coordinate highlighted click "Modify", make chages to the value of "Central Meridian".


Having the words follow a feature on the map. Such as following the curve of a road.

Select and hold down the solid triangle A at the bottom of ArcMap. One of the options is "New Splined Text".

In the same area, you can manually place labels by selecting "Labeling Options".

To move labels around, you have to convert them to annotation.

Under "Layer Properties", "Symbology"
It divides the "Value" field by the specified normalization.

Labling everything at the same time.

"Layer Properties", "Label", select "Label Features in this Layer"

Week 5 edit

Week 5 Assignment

You can right click the heading in a table to view its properties.
You can also set up different SQL Queries for each class that is displayed.
Then you can choose different symbols for each of the Classes, so that the data displays differently.

ArcCatalog: To make a link, hit the link button under the "edit".
If you loose a connection to Source data, go to layer properties, select "source" and set the source.

2002-03-21 Lecture edit


2002-04-04 Lecture edit

Buffering edit

Use buffer wizard for project, set .25 as buffer area.

divide by 1000 and use meters

2002-05-02 Lecture edit

geoprocessing wizard to merge

To make a point/polygon/line shapefile use AcrCatalog. Go to file - new - shapefile and then select the feature type (line, polygon, point or multipoint).